Pond's White Beauty Sun Dullness Facial Scrub

by - October 09, 2020

Hello everyone, I am wishing  you all are good and happy. Believe it or not because as you feel happy you will absolutely lead  your day to positive way and also make you want to do everything passionately. Even your skin would definitely looks better when you fill up your head with a good thought. Anyway, I know it is been while (almost a year) to however keep staying at home and only go out for groceries or something urgent. Do not lose hope and run the rules how it should be, so then we will get more tomorrow and even better, ok?

Since I only go out for groceries sometimes, well sometimes it is online but when I need to go then I would visit the store. Since then I was starting to wonder about so many products to try. Whether it is toothpaste, body wash, instant noodles, and even chili powder. But, this time I found something good to try. I ever shared about my mask which is focusing on exfoliating. Indeed I ever tried to use St.Ives and Skinfood wash off mask. You can check how they work on me on my older post. But this chance I would like to share about what I really need for my skin recently. I think I know more about it and even understand how to take care of it when it is start to dry or something worse towards my period. This couple of months I have been focusing to hydrate it well, so now it is the time to try new exfoliating product, since my red spot under control and I am out of stock of those I ever tried on. 

I definitely have no doubt to try Pond's daily facial scrub. Since, I have been using the facial wash for years, I do trust this ingredients would work well on me. Plus, It is can be use daily. Without we over do, so here are below the product details.
If you knew how Pond's is, you will know how simple and attractive it is. It is not too much changing for years, the packaging and anything, I think only the shape of the lid. But, the design of the packaging is always fresh and so beauty as it is. I really do not have a problem with the packaging so far. It is so teens for the teenager products market and so classy for more stages. I really like how it shaped and designed. Because it is perfectly represent how would the product do for your skin.

This product consist of Glycerin, Water, Niacinamide and more. As it says on the packaging that focus on sun dullness, it really works. Niacinamide known as a good formula to help manage acne, wrinkles and even pigmentation issues. It would help your skin tone much better after sun burning. The texture is so gentle for a scrubbing. It contains soft grains to help you clean your dead skin cells and blemishes. The smell is also so calm and fresh. I recommend this product for daily use once a day after activities. 
Product Usage

You can use it daily as I said, but make sure you clean up your make up first with your cleanser, whether it is oil or water cleanser. Continue to wash your face with clear water and apply Pond's Beauty Sun Dullness Facial Scrub all over your face, of course avoid your eyes and mouth area. Scrub it gently for around sixty seconds then wash your face once more with clear water. I do not use another face wash after using it, because it is enough to clean my face. Make sure after bathing you will directly apply your toner so then your skin going moist again. For my sensitive skin, it is fine for daily use. So, maybe it would work well for you too.
You will find it easily at online or offline store. I got it when I go to buy my monthly needs on convenience store, it costs only around IDR 20.000. You can find it on Sociolla for a pleasant shopping.

I really love how this product does not cause my face get itchy and break out, because there is clay mask from Pond's that cannot help my skin problem at all and even leave my skin oily and even leave more rash around my apple cheeks (my most sensitive area). This product really helps my sun burnt better and remove my dead skin cells effectively. I actually a bit picky about using a scrubber product but this one is really can be use daily. So then it would help my double cleansing works much better. I hope it can help you, if you need more information about this product or another Pond's product you can go to their official website Here. The last from me, stay healthy and have a try. 

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  1. Pengen coba.. Udah lama abis sabun muka nih, jadi sering seadanya pake sabun bayi hahaha..
    Makasih review nya yaa

  2. yuk coba pake Pond's, all skin types yg ini sama pink, no breakout ♡