Gyeongseong Creature

by - February 18, 2024

Oh Hello!
Finally got some times to write my review about this series. Such a rare moments to spend all the episodes with my love one. Since he never been into korean movies or drama. What a moment to watch this series together. He pretty enjoy this one. Since the genre is thriller action I guess, he must be love the monster rather than the stars. Lol. I definitely cannot wait this series to be aired, since this is the first project between Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee. I really am enjoy it as well. 
This series have two parts, the first one aired on December 22 and the second was on January 5 this year. Such a best choice for Christmast and New Year movie time list. The first part aired the first episode until seventh and the rest was aired as part two. Since I ever watch them both in My Name and Itaewon Class, they were both played such a strong role and even fighting, so it is a great combo to make them both meet in this series. 
We are both watched this series at home with a pack of chips, marathon, as I always do to end a korea drama, the sooner the better to know the ending.
It is obvious Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee are the main characters in this series. He plays as a well known man in town, who people come to when they need help, both money or information. He earns money from a pawnshop he set up together with some partners he consider as family. People in town come to him as they know Jang Tae Sang (Park Seo Joon role) is the one who have a great relation with the government and other functionaries. Jang Tae Sang is an orphan and ever suffering a lot back then when he was child, so that what makes him wanna help others a lot. While Han So Hee is an independent woman who travel everywhere with her father to find her mother. Her name is Yoon Chae Ok. You will also find old faces such as Kim Hae Sook and Park Ji Hwan as Jang Tae Sang partners. There is also Jo Han Chul as Chae Ok's father. There are also new faces which I just found out, they are Soo Hyun, Woo Ji Hyun, Kang Mal Geum and more, you could check them all here
Since this series show how Korean people suffering from Japanese colonialism, It takes long time a go before Korean independence. There are very make sense how oppression, kidnapping and other crimes happen everywhere, there are also so many Japanese and even most people still speak Japanese. The setting mostly at Jang Tae Sang House, Onseong Hospital, and Maeda House. There are many certain palaces in Onseong Hospital where important things happen, such as underground prison, secret laboratory and underground hall where they let the huge monster stay for more observations. 
It starts when Yoon Chae Ok need to find her mother who did not come back home since he was child, around ten maybe. As she and her father arrived in town where Jang Tae Sang lives, they meet and deal to find someone they are all been looking for, because in other hand Jang Tae Sang also need to find a lady for a Japanese Police, Maeda. As they busy to seek them both, Chae Ok's mother and the lady, a clue said that the lady is in the Onseong Hospital. Where they just know that there is not only for sick people but also consist of prison and suspicious laboratory underground. Once they find the lady inside, they suffered a lot to take her out, because not only fight the Japanese soldiers but also the huge monster they have been observing. 
In other hand Chae Ok finds an artist who draw her mother, in a hope he knows where her mother is. Knowing so many korean stayed in the prison, Chae Ok and her father have the same though, what if her mother is one of them, will she survive?
8/10 as the story building is so great, the CG also best. But for such a long ten episodes in total, they still wanna make the second season. So, indeed there are so many scenes that are not really important. However the stars and story line help a lot. I expect much more because of the genre but it did not meet my expectation but still one of series that you should watch. Still worth to wait the second season. 

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