Love Reset: 30 Days

by - November 22, 2023

Oh Hello!

Absolutely cannot wait any longer to share my review about this movie. Luckily, when I and my big baby had some days off, there was also great movie to watch, although not so well planned, but in one of some weekends we always had such a great great movie date. After so many things to be handled and through, we finally decided to have another movie date that weekend and also eat something good.

After had my pedicure callus treatment at Nails by Regine, such a comfortable place to have nails treatment in town. The place so small and chic, love the ambience and it is super super clean, that's the important one. It smelled so good too, the crews also so nice and welcome. But since it is very very limited, you have to make appointment before and make sure to come on time. Try to come over guys. Anyway, after having treatment there, we had our big lunch and kinda worry if we are going to be super sleepy during the movie, since our stomach so so full that time. 

I honestly not really expect this movie would be so great or what, since it seemed a romantic comedy movie, so I just wanna watch the movie and chill. Moreover it is korean, my big baby not a big fan of korea, so kinda force him to watch this one with me, Lol.
Did I mention it before? I really want to watch this movie is because I want to watch my all time favorite romantic comedy queen, Jung So Min. Basically I really love korean drama, mostly romantic comedy genre, I watch her on Naughty Kiss, so no wonder, she is still that stunning and play her character perfectly here. I love her on other korean drama Because this is My First Life too, check out my review here. The character she plays this time is a very very independent woman with lovely friends around and such a financially stable family she has, Hong Na Ra, in other hand No Jeong Yeol well played by Kang Ha Neul, is a unemployed man that is have such a small heart, since he has Hong Na Ra, a rich woman beside, he always think he is not really that match and deserve her but also want to life with her so much because he loves her deeply. There are also other casts that played their character perfectly such as Kim Sun Young as Jeong Yeol mother. You can check nother casts here.

The sets are at the Bar, first time Na Ra and Jeong Yeol meet, at the court office, hospital, ballroom, Na Ra parent's house and Na Ra's house. Indeed so many comedies are happening here. They got married and move to that place to life together as couple. But, since Jeong Yeol is unemployed, while seeking for a job he prepare his lawyer exam too, while Na Ra as a director not really have much time at home to tidy it up. So, the house seems super chaotic, no food prepared, while Jeong Yeol need to be in peace studying for his exam. So many of my favorite horrible scenes happen there. Such as Na Ra who tried to be sweet and helpful, she cook for her husband as a meal before exam but then she burn the food instead!! fiuh~
Easy to bet, they are a new couple, young couple that actually not ready enough to be married and have family. Since Na Ra so busy and still reckless at making decision, in other hand, her husband who is still jobless and struggling for his exam, they are both often be in a hard hard argument for such a nonsense thing. Na Ra as a rich person however tried her best to adapt herself into her families in law. However Jeong Yeol's mother keep on her eyes on her and saying nonsense as well. It makes her feel so burden.

Jeong Yeol himself tried his best to understand how Na Ra live at home, coming home late while Jeong Yeol need to prepare his exam himself, no support and help he feels. Somehow there are so many misunderstanding in between that make them both want to end their marriage. The love they feel each other somehow turns into a horrible feelings and some fights instead. 

As the court give them thirty days to reflect to each other in a hope they could calm their emotion down and cancel the separation, something big happen instead. So, they need much more than 30 days actually, either to keep living together as couple or keep focusing on their divorce. 

9/10 Definitely want to rewatch this movie over and over. I love how Jung So Min plays her character as best as she always does. The massage also such an all time advice about marriage but this movie could bring it in such a fun way, no bossy at all. The comedy is korean kinda comedies, if you like korean drama this one would be a big yes to be on your list. My big baby also had so much fun watching this one, he were laughing during the movie as well as I was. Not sleepy at all, no boring scenes until end. Highly recommend this movie to watch with your best friend or love one.

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