Jogja 2023

by - November 21, 2023

Oh hello! 

Continuing my previous post, check this one if you have not visit it yet, which when we were both in Bogor, we actually had another place to go. After a very very short time exploring Bogor as much as we could, we tried to leave by train to Jakarta and then headed to Jogja (as he always wanna spend much time at). I pretty enjoyed night trip, although travelling by train definitely need extra energy to carry our luggage ourselves but somehow I love it most. 

Spending much more time in Jogja definitely refreshed our mind. Well, the sun was out all day, but it did not ruin my mood, Lol. We had enough time to eat a lot and visit places we always want to be. Not very stick into our itineraries but it went much better instead. 

Here are the recap of our trip.

Feeling so much better after this not so well planned trip to Jogja, since we had chance to go to the beach, galleries, markets, and places with good foods. Definitely a YES again to be back, if there is another opportunities to escape ahead. Gonna mingle more with the slow living of Jogja at night. Having more ice cream and sate ahead. Capturing much much more moments together for sure (so glad there was a foreigner who kept talking and asking for a help to take some pictures of her in a gallery, so she also gave some helps back, thank you!!)

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