Pantene Micellar Cleanse and Hydrate Shampoo

by - February 24, 2024

Oh hello, this time is going to be my very first time do review about hair care. It is because I finally find such a best shampoo for my hair fall problem. I usually try to find new shampoo to use, they actually did help my hair fall problem in the beginning. Definitely reduce my hair fall, but sadly it only worked for about ten times usage, I need to find another shampoo to make my hair fall less again. Such a tiring cycle it was. 

Lately I had my cycle stop here, I randomly choose this Pantene Micellar Shampoo just because the packaging looks so beautiful in pink. Further more I read the ingredients and benefits of this shampoo, I thought it would be perfectly help my hair problem. So, I try it on once I got it. 
As I mention above, it is so beautiful in pink, soft pink that I like. it also comes with a pump lid which is so effective to use in bathroom, no need to move it to my own pump bottle. It also comes with big bottle, in a hope I can use it until the last drop, no need to find another one. The bottle made from plastic, so it is still travel safe. 
It mainly contains from rose petals from France Rosa Gallica which rich of vitamin B3 and B5 that could help your dry and dullness (because of sun burn) hair to be smooth and shine at a time. It helps your hair grow better from the scalp. The texture is clear and thick with pink color, it smells so refreshing as well. You can check the details of the ingredients here
Product Usage
I usually wash my hair once in two days or everyday when there is special occasion such as after working out or deep cleaning my house, once I feel my scalp so itchy and oily, I will wash it right away in the evening. Just like using the other shampoo, make sure you only apply the shampoo around your scalp with enough amount, no need to use too many product or it will only leave unclean in the end. Once you pour enough water to make your whole hair wet, use two pumps to wash your scalp diligently. Rub it gently and rinse. Do it twice and squeeze it to apply conditioner later. 
Well you can find it easy on your favorite super market near your house or shop online on e commerce. I get it from Shopee with special price, about IDR 70k only. It is easy to shop there, because the products are all original with official shop and the delivery is amazing, you will receipt your order within next day with free delivery fee and so many cashback as well. Been my favorite e commerce to shop daily needs and more. Highly recommend to shop there. 

So happy to stop my tiring cycle in changing shampoo monthly. I love how my hair fall problem is getting better. It also make your scalp itchy less even when you sweating a lot. The thing is maybe because the texture is from gel, I had experience with this kind of shampoo, it will make your hair dry. Since I use the conditioner as well, it is still fine to use. So, if you have such a dry hair as mine, you may need the conditioner as well to make it smooth and healthier. Leave a comment below if you have try it or ask me anything you need, have a nice day.

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