Skintific 10% Niacinamide Brihtening Serum

by - January 14, 2024

Oh hello!
It's been a while since the last time I posted about skincare or makeup review on this blog. So, after such a long time struggling again with my redness I come back with such a better mood to share some of the products I used to treat my very very bad skin condition last year. It was actually getting worse when I had a short vacation to Jogja, it was so sunny and I went to the beach as well. It was the worst plan ever to recover my skin but the best decision ever to enjoy the sunset in such a pretty beach!! 

I even consume some allergic pills to make it much better, I have two types even. I don't think they help me out but I wish they did, so that I had them all until the last shot. I tried to consume vegetables and fruits more and more and stop eating egg (my love) just in case I ate too much egg before. But, my skin still super itchy and the inflammation is getting worse. So, I decided to replace my skincare one by one, in a hope I could find best formula to recover it. 

First thing first, which I always been thinking to replace my serum, since I do not think It works as the first time I used it. To be noted, the weather was so bad as well, (as I always been struggling at) It was super windy and sunny as well in the morning until afternoon. At night sometimes it was so hot but sometimes worse, super dry and cold, which could make my skin even worse. I tried my best to apply more and more moisturizer, but it cannot help. So, I choose Skintific. I choose the Skintific 10% Niacinamide Brightening Serum, in a hope it could help both moist my skin and brighten it up since it is getting dull as well.

I love how it comes with pink packaging, so lovely. It goes with a pumping lid, which it could help me easily to drop the product. Because I think lately using pipette is not efficient anymore, as the product could spilled easily when it is full. The bottle has such a classy color, pink doff one. So that you could see through the remains product inside. The pumping lid so easy to use and does not spill too much product in a pumped. It also covered with clear plastic lid to protect the pumping lid. It is so light and save for traveling. 

obviously it contains Niacinamide. It could help brighten up your skin and moist it at the same time. That is why I need this serum. As an extra moisturizer it also contains Butylene Glycol. I really love how it is not that sticky although it claims as a moisturizer. It is so watery and easier to absorb into your skin. As night skincare it does not feel oily and sticky at all although you layer it with more product. I love it so much. As it layered with sunscreen it could help your makeup flawless instead. 

Product Usage
I use this serum as I always use another serum as my daily use. But this time after using essence at night, I drop a bit more since the weather is drier at night. I use it both at night and in the morning. 

As I need to check out the texture, so I got it from sociolla offline store at my town. There was no discount sadly. But, as it is my first trial, I choose the little one. It was arround IDR 122.000. As I already use it until the last drop, it can be used for about two months. 

For me serum would definitely can help my skin a lot or give the worse effect as if it does not suitable for my skin type or skin condition. I get redness, acne and dry easily as if the product I use does not work. But, so glad to see the result the redness starts to calm down, and it left a bit dark spot both in my right and left cheeks. After using Skintific 10% Niacinamide Brightening Serum for about a month, the dark spot was gone. I love how it can help my skin even brighter as well. A month is definitely paid the efforts. I recommend this serum for you who want to recover from acne scar and dull skin too. It is save for sensitive skin like me and could help my makeup stay flawless. It is not greasy at all. 

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