Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence

by - August 21, 2020

Hello everyone, I am coming up with another product review. 
Well even though this is an old skincare product, but I only want to share if there is still some of you are wondering weather this product would work on you or not. As I always said before that I have a dry and sensitive skin (which is easily getting red on my apple cheeks when there is a wrong chosen skincare product react). I honestly have been using this product since two years a go but without a routine usage. I underrate the result (with an un-routine usage??) because I did not see a better progress, however I still use it sometimes (since I do not know which one should I try to use, and too lazy to try a new one and get a breakout result). But it is truly hard to see the difference of your skin tone range when yourself so often look at your own face. After a year routine usage, I do recognize how this product works. I did have a serious dull skin and a lot of blemishes, but then I know it is now so much better. This essence really help me to get brighter somehow. Indeed according to the title above, I would like to share how Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence works on me. 


As I know that Wardah has so many series that have been released, but this white secret series attract me the most. You can browse which series is needed for your skin. For this series Wardah is coming up with all white and silver color which is so classy and luxury. According with the usage of this series, the packaging really works to attract you who have a problem with dull skin and dark spot. This essence packed in a small glass bottle with pipette cap. It would help you to maintain the hygiene and measure how many product you would use. Actually it is a bit hard to carry while travelling, because the bottle can be broken somehow, so we have to put it in a fit space covered with sponge or another soft pouch.  


It contains so many beneficial extract. But for me I like the way it react to my dry skin. It has Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Glycerin that can maintain my dry skin and moisture it more. So, if you have an oily skin you can check another series of Wardah for a suitable and better result. You can check the detail about the ingredients here. This essence has a liquid appearance and not so clear, It has white color and the fragrance is so calming.It can absorb quickly and also give a fresh feeling after using. For your note this product also Paraben, Alcohol and Silicon free. So if you have a sensitive skin I bet there aint problem with it.  

Product Usage

For me, I used to apply this product only in the night, following by my other night skincare product before sleeping. Even actually it gives me a better and significant result, but this late couple of weeks I try to apply this essence in the morning after toner and also at night as I usually use before. Just like how we should apply essence product, I do not use cotton pad or anything, I only make sure my hands palm is clean and then use the pipette to take the product and then put it on my hand palm and then apply it all over my face (avoiding my eyes and mouth). For each usage I usually put on five drops only. Because the texture is so liquid that is why it easy to apply all over our face. So then we do not need too much product, so efficient to use. 


You can easily find this product everywhere in Indonesia, wether it is online or offline store. But for me I usually purchase this product on Sociolla.com or at official store of Wardah at every online marketplace. If you want to get more info or each product of Wardah, you can then visit the official website of Wardah on wardahbeauty.com. It cost only IDR 60.000, that is another reason why I would repurchase it.

I really I do love the result that is seen now. A routine usage is obviously the key to get a better result of our skincare, that is why I would like to try to use my daily skincare routine orderly. I only use the Essence from Wardah, so maybe it would give much better result if you use it together with another product of White Secret Series. I maybe want to try the Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence one day, but for now I really love the texture of my skin. If I want to improve it and there is a new product I use, I would definitely share it to you guys. 


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