Bogor 2023

by - November 20, 2023

Oh hello, it's been a while but I tried my best to come over!!

Letting you know the update of my current life as I no longer go to my 7 to 7 office (now you know why) because I have to move out (main reason) in a hope to end this exhausted long distance relation era, because no more energy in longing, kidding! Lately I've been busy moving out but still gonna make more memories in between.

Anyway, before leaving we went to Bogor for graduation ceremony. So so proud of how finally my big baby graduates, kinda sad whether I can come or not before, since kinda superb hard to leave the office unless you're dying (spoil you more). But best timing is the best from up there, I made it. This jobless woman finally can join the trip and enjoying the time to the fullest. So, here are some snaps when we were in Bogor. Wanna come back to eat and stroll more and more.

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