A Killer Paradox

by - March 17, 2024

Been at home for a long time, finally got my time back to spend much time watching series and movies that I want at anytime. Since 2024 is kinda come back year for so many actors and singers. There are so many concerts and also movie release. One that I cannot miss out is this series titled A Killer Paradox. Nothing else than because I wanna watch Choi Woo Sik acting. I did watch him on Parasite movie, so no surprise that he could figure this character as great as he always does. It is a crime thriller television series that you could watch on Netflix. 

The thing that I love about this series is It only has eight episodes, not too long, and no need to wait the season two. I really like series like this these days because I do not think I have strong memories as when I was younger. So, I might need to re-watch the first season to call back the points. LOL. 

Anyway I only need a day to end this series hehe. Definitely nothing to do right? I will do more ahead since somehow I need stories to enjoy because no body around me could do so recently. I actually do not know other actors who play in this series but however Choi Woo Sik not the only one who act perfectly. Others do the same, perfect proportions. 

As I mentioned, there is Choi Woo Sik who I have been waiting for. He plays as a young man, Lee Tang, who still on college but seems feeling so hungry for validation of great life. He is doing well, warm family, good friends around, but seems not enough as he always obsessed to go abroad. Long story short, he is in a complicated moment to meet a police, Jang Nan Gam, who well played by Son Suk Ku, great actor I knew from a drama titled My Liberation Notes. Having such a great charisma, suitable to be a detective. While others are Lee Hee Jun, Kim Yo Han, Lee Joong Ok and for more you can check here
Since Lee Tang choose to live separately from his family, the setting at the initial episode is at his boarding house. He rent a room, but seems so pathetic because he is busy to work at night as a freelancer in a mini market. The other setting are everywhere Lee Tang stays, because he need to hide from Jang Nan Gam who diligently keep eyeing him as a murderer. 

It was starting on a rainy night. A horrible one. Where Lee Tang walking under the rain to head back home after working. Unluckily he meets a man who is so annoyed him a while a go as the mini market customer. However, the man was drunk. He is lying down under the rain, as Lee Tang find him must be sleeping because drunk too much. While Lee Tang take the next aisle, he meets another man who came together with the annoying man walking in front, Lee Tang yelled at him to take a look of his friend at the previous aisle. But, as the man refuse to help later they both fight instead, the mysterious man keep kicking Lee Tang's stomach. 

Tired of being silent, he recalled his high school moment when he get used to be bullied. He instantly knock the man's head. Until he die. Not intend to kill Lee Tang run away, while the next morning Jang Nan Gam and his team intensely checking the cameras CCTV around the accident took place. Since that Lee Tang keep moving and moving. However the Police believes the man who sleeping on the street is the suspect, they might fight each other. But the burdensome Jang Nan Gam keep eyeing Lee Tang. Such a strong instinct. So, what makes this murder as a paradox?
8/10 because everyone successfully deliver the character into live. There are a lot of plot twists as well, also there is a man who came almost in the last of the movie successfully gives an  encore. Worth the waiting as the story line is so solid and the character development is perfect. 

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