Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence

by - November 01, 2020

Feeling happy could be back with a good mood to write another skincare review. I really I am hopping not going to annoyed you with this another old product series of Wardah hehe. Somehow I think you need to know how this product works on me. If you did not have enough time before to surf my older post which I ever wrote about my review of another product from this series, you could check it here
I used this product since in the beginning of this month, I finally decided to use more product from this series (White Secret Series) because I think my dull skin still could not be better or it is just me who still exposed by the sun way too much. I found my skin getting better when I use the essence for day and night usage. But then lately I could not help how my skin is getting dull again. So, beside I tried to consume much more water, vegies and fruits I decided to try new product for my night skincare (which it should be the most important part to pamper and fix the skin condition). So, here are bellow the details of my impression after using it for about a month. 

Since I bought the 50 ml size, the packaging is so tiny but still a right choice to try this product in this size (because it is like a trial kit so then when you feel fine about this product you could repurchase the bigger one later). The Packaging is so elegant, because this series is use only white and silver color. The bottle is transparent and it made from plastic (but the thick one). While the lid is also from plastic in silver color and shiny. I totally like this kind of design, so simple yet so elegant, plus you can see the remaining product to prepare when should you repurchase another later.

It consists of Extract Edelweiss Flower, Water, Niacinamide, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and so on, which almost all of the ingredients are good for dry skin (which is mine). It claims could hydrate skin and help to make our skin be soft, gentle and bright for routine usage. It also claims no parabens, fragrance, and artificial coloring. For my dry and sensitive skin, this product really help to hydrate and give more moist finish all day. I have no dry patches anymore, but sadly it cannot help my dull skin any brighter. You can find the details of the ingredients here

Product Usage
The texture of the product is so watery just like how toner should be. Even thought it calls essence but I use this product right after I wash my face with facial wash. Without additional product before it, I use it all over my face and neck using my palm. I always get the feeling maximally absorb by using my own palm, so since then on I do not use cotton to help me apply toner and another watery product. I only use cotton to remove blemishes before wash my face with facial wash. I use it for three until four drops only for my face and neck. Since the texture is watery it easily flattens onto skin. 
I get it form sociolla by the end of september, since there were so many discount coupons. But as I said before that this series is could be easily found on online or offline store. You could discover it at the nearest drugstore, or maybe for more details and comparison you can go to their official website on wardahbeauty.com. It costs IDR 68.000 for 50ml size on Sociolla.com

Since this past a month usage, I decided to search another toner or essence which could help my dull skin get better. I actually am fine with the other effect of this product which could calm my redness and give me enough hydration all day but I really need more. I will try to empty this one and going to try another brand maybe. So, if you wondering whether you should try it or not, you decide yourself. Although it says no fragrance I still can smell something good and calm every time I apply it onto my skin, but for my sensitive skin, it affects nothing so far. Hopping it could help you and have a try. 

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  1. already tried this. but I don't really like it. actually, it makes my skin look a bit brighter, but when I used it more and more days, it caused pimples :(

    1. definitely, we have to pay more attention to choose toner and liquid essence like this, you may like cosrx toner, they have so many types, you could check out my review about one of them, hopping it helps, xoxo 💕

  2. Wuihh, kayak FTE SKII bentuknya.