by - June 27, 2015

Oh Hello! My name is Tika Prahastini and welcome to tikaprahast.com. 
I am a growing sweet twenties kid and blessed to have my way of live. 

This blog based in Indonesia. I started writing in 2017 even though I created this blog a long ago (2015).
I currently am a full time housewife, I graduated from diploma of accounting but I also have such a deep interest in writing and arts, including painting, music, and dancing.

In 2019 I decided to write more things and consistently post it. Through this blog I will share places I spent well, books I read, skincare and makeup reviews, random writing about my though of particular things and superb tips you should know, and food I love to eat also as your reference where to have tasty meals.

Hope you enjoy and find what you love and look for here. 

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