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by - December 31, 2020

Well, I know it is too late to review this series. But, I have tried to watch it a long a go, nonetheless I still could not get the way to like it. Until I tried to watch it lately, hmm yeah since there is no such a busy days still. I know there are so many new and so great series released this year (especially korean series of course), but this one still cannot go from my mind. 
I know it is not a movie but a korean series or nowadays we call it kdrama, however this one is one of the best series I ever watch. So, I want to share to you guys here.  
This series actually is a must watched one, if I can say. I do, I definitely feel so sorry and feel so bad for ignoring this series before. I actually was watching the first episode in the beginning of two thousand and nineteen and turned to stop it there, no more episodes, yet now I am still replaying the funniest moments everyday. 
So, without further ado here are below my though about this series.
This one is actually what made me think twice and more to watch the whole episodes. I do not really like them all, well although there is Sung Dong Il, who always successful in playing so many roles. But later, after finishing this series, I cannot move on somehow. The worst part of watching Kdrama series is you will seek another series which the character you like in. Yeah, I got this disease as well, guys. So fun(ny).
Since this series focus on family and romance genre which shows such a daily basic issues one another, there are so many casts participated. I will start from the rich family, Kim family, it consists of four family members, they are Kim Sung Kyun played as his exact name, Ra Mi Ran as her exact name as well, Ahn Jae Hong as Kim Jung Bong, and the younger son named Kim Jung Hwan, well played by Ryu Jun Yeol. They are all such a financial freedom family, as the wife well managed financially, this family is the one who has such a prosperous life compared to others. This family also showed such a harmonious family although it consists of various characters in a house. The head of the family is such a kind and humorous one, he always like to play and act such an attention seeker. While his wife Mi Ran, such a ignorance and always get annoyed despite of her husband acting every time. However they both love each other so much. The older brother Kim Jung Bong is such a unique person, he has his own world and was struggling to pass the college entrance exam, somehow he knows everything about daily basic that other members do not pay attention at. The last one is the smartest yet cool Jung Hwan, he represent a cool boy with warm heart. He loves his family so much although he never say it in words. He also often give a treat to his friends. 
Since Jung Hwan family is rich they share the basement of their house to other family, Sung family. This family is so noisy. Sung Dong Il as the head of the family using his own name in this series, Lee Il Hwa as the housewife with her own name as well, Ryu Hye Young as Sung Bo Ra, the oldest daughter, Lee Hye Ri as Sung Duk Seon, and Choi Sung Won as Sung No Eul, the youngest and the only son of this family. However they are really not alike Kim family. Since their father had a debt so this family cannot get a proper house and always fight over their menu to eat everyday. The Oldest daughter is the smartest one who has such a big ego, perhaps since she is the one her family is the most proud of. She is so stubborn and bossy. While Duk Seon is the younger daughter who always got bad marks at school. Somehow she had such a big heart for always give in for her other siblings, and the youngest one, No Eul is just a kind hearted boy, he never arguing anything and seems to always avoid the conflict. 
The rest are Sun Woo family which consists of Sun Woo played by Go Kyung Pyo, his mother and younger sister, Choi family that live in peace, they are Choi Taek played by Park Bo Gum and his calm father, and Ryu family, the only family which shows such a modern family, where the parents so busy at work living with their two sons, one of them is Ryu Dong Ryong played by Lee Dong Hwi, who always feels lonely and often eat and stay at his friend's house.
The setting of this series is mostly in their neighborhood, Ssangmun Dong and at their each houses. It also shows the old school building, cinema, and even studying area for public. It shows how their neighborhood are get along well, the ahjuma usually gather in front of Kim's house to have a chit chat while cleaning the vegetables or sorting fishes for dinner. They often talk about their own problem at home. 
Some of the episode also shows the dialogue in a bus, there is also funny moments between Jung Hwan and Duk Seon while riding bus to school. In some episode also show how old cafe and restaurant ambience are so vintage yet so comfortable and romantic. 
This series definitely is going to take you back in 1988. 
Since this series have so many casts with very various characters, there will also be so many drama and conflict in between. I really like how the writer wants to give a strong message in each episode. So, it started in their neighborhood, they all five live together in the same block since they are child. The conflict in between is starting when they are in high school. Which means it must be the hardest time for everyone, trying to focus on their study but also controlling their first love attack. It was Duk Seon who get the Sun Woo's kindness wrong. She failed her first love and start to give up believing love. While the other side Jung Hwan cannot stop thinking about her, he even pay more attention and care so much with Duk Seon suddenly. However they always spend time together all five, so he is still enjoying to be Duk Seon's secret admirer. 
Since the winter break is coming, they are all often staying together in Choi Taek's place. This most quiet friend is always be their youngest brother. Despite he quits school to be professional Baduk Player. That is why in some moments he always envy to his friends, who can be in a school trip and busy with exam. However he is a genius and awkward one. He cannot do daily tasks properly, that is why the other always keep and treat him as a child. Perhaps because he is the one who is struggling his life only with his father, since his mother passed away when he is so young. 
If I can say there are so many important things happen in Taek's place. In his comfy room where all the kids gathered there are also so many secrets revealed. Jung Hwan found that Taek who seriously have his words saying love Duk Seon, because she is so cheerful and care about him so much, in the other side Taek also found that in silent Jung Hwan, who he considered as his hyung, has the same feeling as him to Duk Seon and also Sun Woo exposed has been dating with someone that the kids never imagine. However at Jung Hwan place there is the only place where Duk Seon and Jung Hwan know each other feeling. 
That complicated feeling keep on going until they are all grown up. They seem become successful people and also each family are getting better and the intern problems are solved one by one. The last episodes not only reveal the ending for every heart trip but also shows each characters deeper. If I can say, why Jung Hwan always do not have a perfect time to show his love, is because he is unconsciously developed as an older character deep inside. He always wants to protect people around him and makes sure everyone is happy and fine. In other side, Sung Bo Ra who I see as the bossy and stubborn one actually so lovely and really do care with her family. There are still more values you can get if you watch the whole episode, make sure you watch it without skipping it and you will fall deeper for each character. 
9/10. I will definitely play it all over again. This series could help you understand unseen problem around more. It also could slap you right away if you think you are the one who has the biggest problem in this world. You really need to check out the whole episode to find out how a simple misunderstanding could bring us to bigger problem and even develop us to be someone else. I really I wish there will be more series like this. Oh yeah, so sorry there is no ear catching soundtrack, but if you would like to check you can find it easily online. After all I do not care whether Taek or Jung Hwan would get their first love, Duk Seon, but I like Jung Hwan more cause he is so stylish. Lol. Pardon me. Lastly, If you need more details about this series you could click here.  

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