My December Top 5 Romantic Songs

by - December 20, 2019

Oh Hello . . .

It is been a while, finally come back with another playlist on this windy month hehe. Indonesia is about to welcome rainy season. Sometimes the sun comes out brightly all day, the wind blows hardly but lately the rain is coming over night. Well, indeed this month such a romantic season to watch concert or movie together with love ones, because yes, cold night or raining at a cafe are always true for you two. 

Talking about concert, I actually did not come to a great one this year but yeah only get update online and reset my playlist whenever I want. I really love my latest playlist somehow, but yeah some of these songs really do warm my ears as well lately. Maybe you do not have a spare time to know what was my favorite before, you can check them out here. As a very rare information, I did came to an indie concert I never heard the songs before, it was raining pretty hard as a surprise, so many men and women was smoking, you feel? I though I heard something so creepy, maybe it is someone was crying or what, but yeah it was my lungs, Lol. I though it was my superb thing I did to make this happy kid get happier that night. Say thanks brotha!!

Well yeah, coming back to my new playlist this month, actually I try to go romantic this way. I really hope you try to listen them all, no no no , not with a cup of tea and slice of cake, you'll be in tears I guess. Play them on your way back to home after a fatigue day, so you'll recall your best memories, I don't know, I just did. So yeah, here they are:

Yes, I love but I can't

So I am letting you go now and baby one day

When you finally found what you want
And you're ready to open your heart to anyone
Don't push people away again
Easier, I know, but it's also very lonely
Totally gonna tear your heart apart. This song completely fit your moody day. Make sure you turn the volume up while rain is falling outside. Maybe you'll numb or feel so confused about your true feeling, come on, try to replay it on and you will understand the lyrics so well, how the lyrics tell about the feeling of letting something precious go just because time does not let them be. Pamungkas brings so mean melody as always, it suits well and his voice perfectly complete it. Wishing I'll be on his mini tour or someway. You get it? I just want to sing along while I am on a concert.
This romantic feeling filled up by the beautiful lyrics they wrote. Every chosen words are genius. Anyway I like a romantic mellow song completed with a little bit rap between. Gamaliel always brings a light and very cool rap on their songs. If you guys have checked the music video, I bet you agree this song gonna fit for your "BIG Day".
Hehe pardon me for still choosing Pamungkas and this genius one as one package on a post. Because you guys gonna agree with me as you try to play his song, Secret. This song so so so much romantic. I don't know, it is just that simple, as you listen to Mocca, On The Night Like This. This simple yet romantic song success brings me to my old memories, happy feeling and full of hopes. The lyrics so perfect so you could sing along once you play it. Cannot describe anymore, just play it now babe.
Indeed indeed, finally I come out with this lovable choice. I use to listen so many musics genre and korean music is a must to listen nowadays. Although yes actually the old one is lovable too. I used to listen to 2 AM, Davichi and even Lee Seung Gi. Well ok now I am gonna make sure you'll listen this song once you checked this post. This song actually an original soundtrack of Korean Drama, Hotel Del Luna. Beside it is a hit soundtrack of a great series, Taeyon's vocal itself is daebakThis song tells about an secret admirer who always exist for the one who loved and yeah only a simple melody of piano along the song as the melody but the strong vocal of Taeyon turns this song become such a great great one.
A really really sad and desperate song. I don't know how could it listed as my romantic playlist, but come on, what can be more romantic than being whenever and wherever for someone who we love the most. Garamerica as always brings a fresh melody and lyrics. Anyway it is an old song, but the lyrics are long last. Ain't trying to ask you to believe such a magical true love, but here is the reality, it is ok to be not fine when all we have done is unappreciated. It is ok to feel so fed up of everything. Because the one who we love the most is the one who will hurt us so much. Take it, just take it, and forgive them, fall for them again, even deeper. Because the chosen one always forgiven and loved. As maybe you have heard it before, yeah lately it is chosen as a back sound of a web drama series, can you guess which one of these??

It is a wrap, my top five are genius right? Lol. I know, it is not about Taylor Swift - Lover or what, It may bring sadness for you but come on, I am trying to go romantic still. I hope you enjoy them all as well as I am. Well maybe you have something good to listen to, you may suggest it for me on the comment below, thank you thank you thank you~

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