Web Series Recommendation as Your Weekend Companion

by - April 05, 2019

Back to know me more, hehe. .
As maybe you remember what kind of person am I, you must pardon me to know there is always nothing doing and over thinking of something just because watching movies or read some gorgeous books. I know someone told me I am that drama, well let me kill these feeling inside if only I could, at least I am not going to make your life as my drama, gonna stick on somebody else who could grow with me in it. Hehe anyway, there is a quote from a web series: 

Senja itu selalu menyenangkan ya. Kadang dia merekah, kadang dia hitam kelam penuh duka, namun langit tetap menerima senja apa adanya.

Yeah it sounds like that. But that stuff makes me wanna watch another web series on Youtube, so here are some web series that I watched lately, just to killing time huh, no one to talk to just in case.

It is a sweet web drama ever. It focuses on Jonathan's life changer after meeting Sore. It sets in Italy and Indonesia as the ending. In Italy Jonathan as a hard worker not really pay attention to what he does. He always drunk and smokes as his habit. One day weirdly Sore come to his life and said stuff like unbelievable thing that human couldn't get. Later, Jonathan flight back to Indonesia as his hometown to proof if Sore said the truth. Make sure you catch their sweet ending. This web drama managed by Tropicana Slim, Inhype Pictures and Yandy Laurens as the director. Staring Dion Wiyoko and Tika Bravani, it would slap you to be respectful of what you do to enjoy your better future with your love. Kunto Aji - I'll Find You would treat your ears as well.
Take a peek.

Mengakhiri Cinta Dalam 3 Episode.
Dion Wiyoko again!! This perfect web series should be your next list to watch as it directed by Yandy Laurens as well. It shows independent woman that sacrifices her love life. Barasuara - Mengunci Ingatan covered by Kunto Aji sounds perfectly as its back sound. Sheila Dara act perfectly as who she is. It sets in small town of Indonesia exactly makes it more alive. The conflict so simple yet so real as we hear our friend's experience. This web drama  collaborate with Toyota. The deepest message I got is do not let go of the thing you love the most just because a certain thing that actually you can communicate each other. Thinking a lot without saying something gonna seen as giving up in silent. So, speak up!
Bitter Sweet.
This sweet and chic web series staring by Abel Cantika and Ardhito Pramono. It collaborates with Emina Cosmetics. As it is a beauty mini drama of Abel she use her actual name. It is really that sweet, it sets in the office where Dion and Abel reunited after some years apart. The other cast Clara and Ben also catch my attention. You will set Ardhito Pramono's songs, Bitter Sweet and What Do You Feel About Me as your new list after watching it for sure. His voice fits this lovable series.
It  is completely send a deep message. Web series from JBL Indonesia and Secret Motion will get you think about another web drama I mention before, Sore, But the conflict turns deeper just because Bastian and Farah had married. The different mind of them both would set your emotion up and down. My favorite scene is when they're yelling at each other in the forest, in the middle of their road trip. What a big business to merge two different mind as one package.
Take a peek.

So, those are some suggestions for you, just maybe you feel so alone as me. Lemme know which one you like a lot!!

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