A Superb Enthusiast Lunch at Cal. Calorie and Coffee Malang

by - December 27, 2019

Oh Hello. . .
For the very first time I would like to share to you guys about what I ate a lot yesterday, Lol. Well, actually there are some places I like a lot as well, the menu are great but yeah the problem is in me, who cannot stand to take a picture before eating, pardon me. But, this time I decided to share it to you guys. Besides I like the food, the plating also great and beautiful. I just feel like I ate something so healthy this way, hehe. 
So, that day we (me and my number one kid) decided to strolling around places we used to be there before. But, come out there are also so many new places we should come over. Cal Malang was one of our must visit place to have lunch. Why did we come over at noon? Just because my happy kid and I had our breakfast early (and the place open  at afternoon) and not going to stay any longer until the sun down, so yeah lunch was the best choice, although actually we did come at around twelve but they were ready to open at two pm. What a fool. So we just went around to wait until Cal Malang open. 
Lucky for us two to visit Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan Malang, a very affordable entrance ticket and a very challenging way to find the photo spot by ourselves. Calories  burning before eating so much calories later, what a fool again. Thank to the weather that  was not so sunny but a little showering instead. Enough of walking we headed to the Cal Malang at around two pm. It is located at Soekarno Hatta street on the second floor of Hoka Hoka Bento Soekarno Hatta. You can check the details here
The location is very easy to find and the place is very comfortable to have lunch and dinner. There is also live acoustic at night on a special occasion. It is an italian restaurant that was already opened at eleven November this year. It has good ambience with indoor and outdoor seating. It opens everyday at two pm to eleven pm. 
You could order so many kind of italian foods and some also combined with local seasoning. Here are below the menu that we ordered for our super enthusiast lunch.

Mille Crepes
As an appetizer and after a very hectic journey to find Rumah Kacamata at Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan, Mille Crepes is the greatest choice indeed. It only has one kind of mille crepes, it is chocolate with vanilla ice cream and two slice of strawberries on the top. I really like the texture of the crepes, it is so soft and the sweetness is perfect, not too much and the bitterness of the chocolate is perfect as well. It completely tastes the best to eat together with the vanilla ice cream. The plating is so so. I hope there is a leaf of mint and use a smaller plate rather than the wide one without any edge. It costs IDR 25.000 only. 
Korean Tteoboki
Indeed, although it serves such as italian courses, but it also has this super favorite nowadays menu. Korean tteoboki. Well as an italian restaurant it has a great taste of korean course as well. The korean tteoboki sauce is my favorite after all. It is not spicy and it is completed with melted mozzarella on the top. It contains tteoboki, potatoes, chicken and onion. The portion is enough for us two. The plating are very very great to build our appetite. But, turned out it did not feel hot at all, it also did not feel warm or whatever, because I believe when it served hot after cooking would be so much better. It costs IDR 37.000. 
Grilled Chicken Satay
This was one of the local seasoning menu they have. We ordered it as our main course. The chicken was so soft, it was already cut and showered by the satay sauce. It grilled perfectly. The satay sauce was very detail with peanuts and fried onions on top. It also completed with fries in cube cutting and fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cabbages, and purple cabbages. The plating was so beautiful and for a plate of chicken course it served a lot for costed only IDR 37.000. 

Chicken Mozzarella with Mushroom Sauce
Well well it was my choice to dine this menu. It completely built my appetite once I looked the plating. I really loved the mushroom sauce, it showered with celery. It also completed with fresh vegetables as the grilled chicken satay did. The difference is the dressing of the salad. It completed with salad dressing in a little cup. It also served with fries in a cube cutting as well. The taste was so good but not with the fried chicken, it fried a lot or someway, so that so hard to cut. There were two problems might caused me hard to cut it, the chicken itself or the knife, because I prefer a sharp knife than a jagged knife. It costs IDR 40.000. But trust me it is more than enough for two people in a plate.
Because that day was showering, so we ordered hot drinks. I ordered hot chocolate and my happy kid ordered a cup of hot americano. They costed IDR 17.000 and IDR 15.000. They served them with a separated liquid sugar each, so that we can maintain how much did we want. I really am sorry for not capturing the place for you, as I said before I really am not an expert foodies reviewer plus that day I just had a nap on our way to that place. Pardon me. Hoping it could help you to find the best place to have a lunch or dinner with your loved one without spending too much money. I am pretty sure to order another menu they have and fyi, I did not have my dinner after having that big lunch Lol. 

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