Oreo Steamed Cake

by - December 01, 2020

Hello everyone. Finally coming back right in the beginning of December. Indeed out there abroad is welcoming winter. Here in tropical country Indonesia especially, we are welcoming rainy season. Which means my laundry schedule should be maintained. But, I like rainy season better than dry  season (which is so hot and sweaty), although we cannot walk freely without rain coat and umbrella. Anyway finally I decided to cook something sweet in this sweater weather (because I usually only wanna cook something spicy and then eat it while watching k-drama, just like you all huh?) last weekend. I tried to find something simple to cook, I mean yes, no baking and not so many ingredients. Fortunately I found a very simple receipt to make a steamed Oreo cake at home. So, here are below some ingredients and steps you should prepare if you wanna make one for this weekend. 
  • 2 or 3 packs of Oreo biscuits
  • 250 ml fresh milk 
  • Butter
  • Additional topping 
You need two packs of Oreo biscuits for a baking sheet, but if you need more you can add more biscuits and the milk as well. You can use fresh milk that you could find easily, but if you want to experience another taste, you might use french vanilla, full cream etc. If you want to put topping on top, you could prepare butter cream or something greater (since I am an amateur I only use what's available in my house, it is whipped cream, sorry). I also prepare a little crushed Oreo biscuits in a small bowl for addition topping. 
  • First of all you have to prepare the tools that you need to cook, they are a big bowl, big plate, blender, baking sheet (or something you would use to steam the batter), and the steamer of course.
  • After all ingredients and tools are prepared, start to crush the Oreo biscuits (without split the inside cream). Make sure you crush it until smooth. You can use blender for a better result. After the biscuits turn into powder, you could prepare your steamer. 
  • While waiting your steamer ready, you can now put in the fresh milk together with the crushed Oreo into big bowl and stir it until it mixed perfectly. 
  • After the batter is ready, you can pour it into the baking sheet which already smeared with butter (shake the baking sheet to make sure your batter is solid and there won't be hollow inside) and put it into steamer when your steamer ready. Steam it for about 40 minuter only.
  • While waiting your batter steamed, you could crush one more pack of Oreo biscuit for the addition topping. But for the topping make sure you take out the cream, so you only use the biscuits. You have to crush it until it seems like powder as well. Since I use whipped cream, I also need to prepare it using mixer and cold water. 
  • After 40 minutes, take out your cake from the steamer and let it be in a room temperature. Move your cake from the baking sheet into big plate carefully, if you smeared the butter enough you will move it easily. When it is not hot anymore you could put on the topping. I use the whipped cream as the coat of the top of the cake and pour the crushed Oreo biscuits I prepare before. If you have a fresh fruits such as strawberry or cherry and mint leaves it would be great. 

You now can enjoy your own steamed Oreo at home. The texture is so solid and it is not puffy at all since I do not use any flour. Because there is no added sugar so you will get it sweet enough from the cream of the Oreo that you crushed together as written above. But, if you like it sweeter you may put additional sugar. You can enjoy it on a rainy day with a cup of tea or coffee. Since there is no difficult ingredients to find and no need oven to bake, you can re create this receipt anytime you want. Enjoy everyone!

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  1. wow bener bener tanpa tepung yaa, belum pernah coba next time mau cobain deh 😍

    1. iyaaa harus dicoba, bahan dan alat juga simple, semoga suka (^^)

  2. Omg this looks so delicious! :9