My July Top 10 Lullabies

by - July 27, 2019

Oh Hello~
How's your day? I don't think it is been a great week for me though. Sadly I have no day off to take a break for a while. Some of Running Man episodes help me a lot to stay cheerful and the rest of the night will be completed by these songs as my lullaby:
Pamungkas - One Only
One of so many songs recommended by my boy friend (emm no space maybe Lol). I really really like how this song sounds to send me to a deep sleep. I don't think we have the same taste of music but somehow some of our playlist are alike. I don't really that interested at first, oh come on who is Pamungkas anyway? It was my first time hearing the name. Well I know there are so many comers lately, as well as their new songs and even album. I really do admit that his songs have deep message each and I love the instrument the most. Listen now.

Daniel Caesar - Best Part
Well, I know this one should be on your playlist as well. It was at noon in a cafe the first time I heard it and desperately looking for the link to listen more. Turning out found it accidentally on my feed while IU did a short acoustic cover of this song. Indeed, the lyrics tell every feelings in a modest yet sweet. Completely perfect with not so long duration. It would be great to perform in an acoustic version at a live  music in a night cafe. Listen now.

Adhitia Sofian - 8 Tahun
Local singer, Indo lyrics yet so hypnotizing. I love the lyrics and the way he sings. I know this one from a web drama I watched. You can check it here. It would sounds good as a companion at a noon road trip. Well actually I don't really know how 8 Tahun relate to the lyrics but still, yeah (just listen to it). Listen now.

Bara Suara - Mengunci Ingatan (cover by Kunto Aji)
Still cannot move on from this warm yet has a deep meaning song. I love the way Kunto Aji sings this song. Well, I tried to listen the original version (I know you guys would mad at me or what, sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy) but I really am not into it, I mean I prefer Kunto Aji's version. That's it hehe. I can feel it send a deep message, the lyrics tell us how tortured the writer's feeling is. It seems like a complicated feeling inside and so much hurting feeling make so many untold words remain (I do not know how to tell anymore). The intro suits well and the voice of Kunto Aji would make you fall in love more with this song. Listen now.

Banda Neira - Sampai Jadi Debu (feat. Gardika Gigih)
Forever indie love song I guess. I know this one from my boy friend as well. You know now what kind of guy he is, Lol. But this one is the deepest than others. It tells an ending love life with no worries yet some conflict remain but everything seems would be forgiven as two souls took a vow (as great as that, cannot describe more). Listen now.

Sleeping at Last - Turning Page
As great as the song above. I know you'll imagine how Bella Swan walked down the aisle. Besides, this lyrics completely deep and the rhythm of the piano suits very well. Of course I knew this song because of Twilight sequel. I fell in love really deep and uhm surely would play this one on my day Lol. Well, seriously it is gonna calm your mind down. The music so epic and the singer sings it very well. Listen now.

Brandon Heath - Love Never Fails
Loving this love song so much, such a simple lyrics yet so deep meaning. I love the music as well and how Brandon sings it. For me this is a great great package with Turning Page, it sounds alike. Well, no more to write, I love this song since a long ago. I definitely am sure you will enjoy JJ Heller - If You Fall as well if you like this kind of song. Listen now.

Isyana Sarasvati - Lembaran Buku
Indo song again. I really really like the lyrics, it means a lot. Isyana don't use simple words to express the massage and the feeling as well. I love every chosen words. Somehow I used to play Tulus - Teman Hidup, Tulus - Langit Abu-Abu, Tulus - Monokrom and many more Tulus' songs on repeat, but this song definitely replace the list, Lol. I just fall in love with how Isyana sings it, I am not really sure If it aint Isyana I would put it on my playlist. I used to listen to her other mellow songs, she collaborated with her sister, Rara Sekar, it is Luruh, but then I prefer Lembaran Buku still. Listen now.

Mocca - On The Night Like This
Wohoo, this lovable song would remind you of a local movie tells about high school love life hehe. This warm song would be forever love song too. The lyrics so simple and the guitar passages completely lovable. The duration is about a minutes and twenty seconds only. But, absolutely you'll fall so deep and recall your old memories, such as your first love. Listen now.

Ardhito Pramono - What Do You Feel About Me
It is completely from a guy side. It feels like how a man overthinking about something and fall in a very deep consideration. It tells about a very hard moving on phase for a guy. Somehow as we know, girl definitely feel the same mostly but keep on waiting than asking first. While the man so busy with their own mind. I love the music and the voice of Ardhito himself. Lately Ardhito done a project with Mocca sing Bitterlove (Ardhito's song). Listen now.

Ok so,  they are all my current playlist before going bed (since I feel too lonely and it would be weird if there isn't any sound to send me to sleep, Lol). Let me know if there is the same with yours on comment below :)
I am kind of person that gonna re-arrange my playlist for about once in two months or more, so yeah. I am going to share my other playlist for my other moments Lol. Hope you like those songs as well. 

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