Scarlett Brightly Ever After Serum

by - April 04, 2021

Oh hello everyone, it is been while since my last post. I really am sorry I did not post anything during March, because there is something I had to do. It is actually not over yet, but yeah since there are some spare time this Sunday, so let us make it. I really I hope can share it to you guys what was going on, but not now, this chance I will update you with my another skincare review. I have been curious about how would this product work on me, so I decided to brought it in the end of February. It has been a month usage so here are below what I can say about this product so far:
The packaging of the product is so classy if I can say. I love the color they choose and also the size, I already had it for travelling and of course it did not need too much space but a bit more protection. Since the material is from glass, you have to be careful if you bring it along your trip. I recommend you to keep it in a pouch with sponge around. The pipette also so easy to use, since the texture is so watery we have to be more careful to use the pipette or your beloved product will spilled out. You won't meet any spilled product around the neck of the glass just like another serum with bigger pipette. Since mine is Brightly Ever After Serum, so it is in soft pink. If you need acne treatment you should have the soft purple one.
It contains of Glutathione, Niacinamide, Vitamin C and more. As you guys know how great Glutathione and Niacinamide for dull skin. It will maintain our dull skin get brighter and hydrated at the same time. It also help our texture skin smoother and soft. The thing is how it also help to hydrate my dry skin all day and all night without feeling greasy at all. You still can combine it with your moisturizer and sunscreen since it is so light even though the texture so watery. I am also fine with the smell, I did not think it contains any fragrance at all. You can check the details here
Product Usage
As written on the bottle, it says that we only need to apply it two or three drops and massage into skin and make sure you give it time some minutes until the product absorb completely into your skin before using another skincare product. It also recommend you to use is day and night. I usually use three drops for all of my face, I use my palm to apply it onto my skin, because it is a bit hard to drop it directly onto my skin face. The product usually overflows everywhere since it is so watery.
Just like another Scarlett Whitening Product, you can visit their official Instagram account. You will find the link of their official store on another platform. I got mine on, I got it together with their lotion with a cheaper price, because on Sociolla you will get so many discount and even free shipping. 

As I said above, I have been use it for a month. I really like how it can moisturized my skin and do not make it greasy at all for daily use even I use a thick sunscreen product. At night it also do not feel sticky at all. So light and absorb quickly since it is watery. I really am fine with the effect, it is not comedogenic just like my Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence. But, It is still just it is. I do not find my skin get brighter, or maybe I have to use it more, maybe two or three months usage would give a better result. I really am fine with this product, although at first I really was anxious it will make me got pimple or make my skin oily. So, I recommend you guys try this product as well, and I hope my review can help you decide. 

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