Make Over Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream

by - June 20, 2021

Oh hello, it is been a while, I do not post anything yet since my latest post. I know I have said that I will however post more often than before including random thoughts. But I really I have made my best to take my time for this blog and also to consistently write my daily update on my Bullet Journal. Trust me, I also skipped that part as well these past couple of months. I of course have my own reasons which I cannot share still, but there is indeed something I have to struggle a lot, just for a hint how hard I pay attention into it is I finally (happily) can tell you guys that without any diet method (but a very bad sleeping hour so far sadly) I have lost 11 kilos in these last couple of months. If you can guess, then yeah mostly because there is something I have to do with a lot of energy LOL. Physically and mentally. 

Feeling so light nowadays to wear my old blouse and trousers as well, however I need to rearrange my sleeping hour and eat a lot of fruits and vegies in the weekend. I also need to do some exercise in the weekend as well. However I really feel so great this way. Anyway, this past couple of months I also have my time again to watch K-drama that I really want to watch before so, I will recommend you guys on my next post certainly. For now, I will happily share about my thoughts after trying this local lip product. Still going to be my favorite lip cream so far, know why I love this product below.
Make Over actually have launched so many kind of lip products recently, but Make Over Powerstay Transferproof Matte Lip Cream series catch my attention the most. However the packaging looks like their old series which is Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream. I have share my though about it here. I love the shade I mentioned on that post, but my latest favorite usage is combining the Pompous and Classic shade together. But for daily use I usually only apply the Pompous one, and by the end of May I decided to repurchase Make Over lip cream, but turned out I choose this new series. I love how they improve their packaging into doff finish (if I am not mistaken how to call it hehe) but we still can see the shade and the remain product inside. The netto also bigger than the Intense Matte series, but over all they are really alike. The applicator also so comfortable to use just like before. They launch this series with 12 shades as I know so far.
However they obviously improve their ingredients to make this series stay longer and transferproof just like how they claimed it. It contains Volatile Oil which can help the product ends with matte finish but transferproof at the same time. It also can help it set perfectly and quicker as well. It also has Pigmentlock Technology to help it reduce the smudgeproof. However with that kind of technology we also worry about how if they can make our lips getting dry and for the worst caused crack and anything. Do not worry they claim this product is paraben, sulfate and alcohol free. So I believe it would never cause your lips getting dark or dry for daily and long time usage. You can check the details here.
Product Usage
As I said above, the applicator however still helpful to flatten the product all upon our lips. But we have to carefully take out and put it back to maintain the neck of the packaging (you know which I mean right?) from smudge of the product (however it is the problem to have lip cream with this kind of packaging). I personally choose to use the product so light, because I choose the wrong shade, I actually wanted to buy the Amplify or Curious shade but turned out the stock still not available while my Intense Lip Cream is nearly gone, so I choose the shade Powerful shade in a hope it will come out just like Pompous (my kinda favorite shade all the time). But It come out brighter with a bit red instead, so yeah I decided to use it a bit and blend it with cotton buds or my (clean) finger tip to get natural finish. I do not need to apply any lip balm or anything before using it and happily it did not cause anything wrong. It also feel so light on my lips, even after eating soup, the color still stay on my lips. I spend more then ten hours in a full air conditioner area but my lips still fine with this product. I honestly did not need to reapply it after lunch, maybe I will need it if I have my early dinner.
I bought it from their official store in Shopee, because there is free delivery fee hehe. But of course you can easily found this product in drug store, their counter of any beauty product provider online. I bought with special offer, it cost only IDR 97.000 from their normal price around IDR 120.000. If there is Amplify or Curious shade available I will definitely repurchase to get them.

I really recommend you guys, who do not have enough time to retouch your make up or reapply your lip product in a mid day. You do not need to worry even after lunch, you will sill found your lips covered by this lip cream perfectly, however if you use it well (covering your lips perfectly with this product in the morning) you will get it stay any longer. The big point is, it is the matte and transferproof lip product which can maintain and moist our lips from the crack and dry. I fell like use nothing all day and no need to reapply really often. I believe you will like it so much and going to confused which color should you choose, because they have so many daily and classy colors.

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