Bullet Journal Journey

by - February 08, 2021

What a hard time we had in 2020, however do not lose hope and do not forget to be grateful for what you still have until now. So many lost out there, and maybe you are one of them. Be strong, however we do not know still what would be ahead in the next pages of life. I admit it, how hard it was for me to get through all of my day last year. I did feel so great to achieve something I really want the most and also lost the thing I get so hardly. I struggle a lot to get it before, mentally and physically.  

Last year would be the greatest year for me to learn a lot. I tried my best to keep steadfast and accept all in once. Somehow we need to move forward as the time flies. So, as the tips I found on internet, I decided to look whether there is something I be able to do without going somewhere and of course, keep my mood good and pep up my day. Exactly writing on this blog is one of them, but I need something else which I can improve daily feeling as well, because it is so stressful instead if I have to post everyday here. 
In the end, I found a fun way but also need a great passion and focus to do that, that is Bullet Journal. Journaling is actually the way we note everything we need, it is of course so personal. For someone maybe need that to note new receipt and the other one would need it as a diary and many more. 
I found it on google, it says that Bullet Journal is an analog system created by Ryder Caroll. It can organized and track anything you would like to write in an coherent way. So, it is obviously a personal organization to schedule things, note reminders, track something and many more task as we need. 
As you know now what is that, then you must be able to apply it for what it should be. It really does not matter what kind of book you use to practice it, but for me I like to design it a bit to make it more personal and fun as well. But for me, I like it simple so then I can recall the memories easily. 
If you wondering whether this Bullet Journal help my day or not, I (after applying this method for about three months) certainly could say, yes! I really do improve a lot, to do my daily productive schedule and also maintain my bad habit as well. I also easily search something important I note and also get use it as a stress relief. The way I think about the template or design I want will also increase my focus and creativity, which you cannot get in other daily activities. You might also use your superb gadget to start journalling, but for me it would be more meaningful if you write it down on paper. Beside the satisfaction feeling you also can see the improvements you made even for a paltry thing, like your handwriting is getting better or your creativity is getting great. More than that you also can have your own unique way to recall memories and track your other improvements in life as I mention before. 
So, try to start your own now. Do not create any reasons in your head that never been exist yet, so just start it!

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