COSRX Centella Water Alcohol Free Toner

by - June 27, 2020

Hello everyone, coming back with another skincare review. 
So, this time is still about how I overcome my dry skin in this kinda windy and cold weather. I maybe forgot to tell you about how I overcome it inside. I do drink a lot of water in a day, maybe it is still less than two liters but I really am trying to drink more. Besides I also eat a lot of fruits and vegies. I was starting to manage whatever I would to eat but still the weather causes my skin even dry. You must know how it feels when after bathing your skin seems fine but then after applying powdery product your dry patches is seen in a sudden. I really hate it, and when you have to apply a proper make up for an event with foundation your skin will seems in texture. That is hideous. 
But then I found how I can make the dry patches calm by moisture it with something thick like Nature Republic Aloe Gel. I have shared the details here. But still I need to overcome it more, rather than only cover it again and again. Well actually I am not a full makeup person. I only apply sunscreen lotion and moisturizer before powder. That is all. 
Turning out this last couple of months I tried to routinely use my night skincare before going to bed. I mean I know I have told you how to keep your skin fine and everything by taking care of it gently and consistently, but yeah also me who still skipping the last step before sleeping. As you all know that the best time to pamper your skin is before sleeping at night, however logically we think that we need to clean it out from impurities after a long day activities. But we have to constantly give more vitamins because at night our skin is in a phase of intensive regeneration and could absorb every nutrition we gave optimally. Double cleansing is enough but then it only sweep away the dirt and makeup residue and the next skincare routine like toner, serum, moisturizing, sleeping mask and more would provide more vitamin for your skin all night. So then you will find your skin much better in the next morning, and this last couple of months I use a moisturizing toner by COSRX. 

The packaging is so simple yet so classy, I love how they choose to pack this product in a plastic transparent bottle. First, I can carry it in my bag when I go somewhere without mind the charge or worry if I broke it. Second I can see the remaining products that have not been used, so that I can prepare when should I buy a new one. The lid also so save, although it made from plastic but it can lock properly without worrying the products could spill out. It is more efficient with the spray applicator, which is we can carefully adjust how much product we need to use. 

It is consists of water, centella asiatica leaf water, sodium Hyaluronate and more. You can check the details here. I also find this product alcohol free, so that it can be used even for sensitive skin. As I found on an article that extract of centella asiatica could increase the level of skin's natural oils so that moisture and skin elasticity can be maintained. So this suits for my dry skin that need more moisturizer. The texture of the product obviously like how other toner should be, it is like water, so liquid and the appearance is clear. It also do not bring any serious smell, so when you applying you will only feel the freshness on your skin. 

Product Usage
On the packaging said that the direction of using should be after cleansing. You only need to spray the toner onto a cotton pad and gently wipe onto your face. It is a must to avoid the eye and mount area. On the packaging also said that this toner could be use as mist to freshen up throughout the day. But I only use it after bathing in the morning and before sleeping at night following with another night skincare product I use currently. 
Since I live in Indonesia, I bought this toner in Sociolla. It is Indonesia's trusted and most complete online shopping destination offering authentic beauty products. You maybe could find it easily on the COSRX website or another online or offline beauty product provider. 

This gentle toner is actually my first toner product I ever tried, but so far it suits with my dry and sensitive skin. It helps to hydrate my skin especially at the night usage. It also can help to calm the redness because of sun burnt and remove streaks. When my skin start to leave dry patches on windy day I only need to apply more on my texture skin and it is getting better on the next day. I really do love this product and I am sure to repurchase this product. Hoping this review could help you, and have a try.

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  1. centella is kindly popular these days right

    1. indeed, but sadly for now I update my skincare cause I found it is comedogenic on me lately :(