Wardah White Secret Night Cream

by - November 07, 2020

So rare to happen, finally another White Secret Series review. This product actually a bit doubt me to try. Because I think night cream would affect the most to help our skin get better or the opposite. I actually have the biggest fear in cream product, the creamy texture actually recall such a bad trial before. How my skin got breakout that time, when I tried such a creamy texture. But actually it was day cream, but somehow still, it might works the same because the texture is really alike. 
Anyway so, I have shared to you guys how I tried the Wardah Intense Brightening Essence and Wardah Pure Treatment Essence, well this time is the last Wardah White Secret Series that I decided to try. I actually only want to make the affect of this series works better somehow, so I choose the essence and the night cream in a hope they are the best product of this series. So here are below my impression after using it in a month. (Oh yeah of course I started to use this one together with the Pure Treatment Essence since I got the product on the same day). 
The Packaging of this product also all in white with silver combination. Since I decided to try the small size, it contain 17 ml night cream in a tube. The tube is fine, but we have to keep it clean after using so then the lid keep away from the dried rest product which cannot be taken. But if you buy the bigger one you will get a different packaging and more luxurious than this one. But overall I like the packaging, it would be fine to for travelling.
Since it claims to enhance the skin brilliance and provide extra nourishment, It contains so many ingredients that definitely our skin needed. It contains Niacinamide which good for brightening and anti aging, Butylene Glycol which good for dry skin but a bit comedogenic (wait but not really on me, really), Sodium Hyaluronate that could help our redness be better, Glycerin, Vitamin E and much more. You can go to this link to check out the details. It is actually really fine, the texture so light, the cream is white and  not as so many night cream which somehow a bit heavy and leaves so thick feeling all night. It is really light and in the morning you will feel fresh and a bit bright (not oily or something). 
Product Usage
Of course as the direction and the name of the product, this one should be used only in the night as your night skincare routine. I apply this cream right after the Intense Brightening Essence truly absorbs into my skin. As the direction says you better apply it thin evenly, so I do not use is for too much, I only put five dots on my chin, cheeks, forehead and nose. Blend the product evenly using your fingers and wait until it absorbs into your skin, and you can leave it overnight. If you use sleeping mask, then you can apply it after this product truly absorbs then get sleep. 
I also bought this product on Sociolla.com at the same time with the Pure Treatment Essence buying. As I said before this brand is really easy to find in convenience store, mini market and drugstore near your house. I get it for IDR 40.000 on there and get a free facial wash (because it was special event). 

I do not think I would repurchase this one as well as Pure Treatment Essence, but it is still fine for hydrate your skin overnight since the ingredients are good for dry skin and even there is a bit fragrance but fine for my sensitive skin. At the very first time I tried this product, it affect a bit sore over my red spots, but after a week using it is totally fine. I do not see the affect of brightening from this product after a month using, so maybe after it empties and there is still nothing works I would try another series or brand. However it is really affordable to try. You should go to their website on wardahbeauty.com for more info. Hoping it helps you and have a try.  

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  1. I also use this night cream! but it works on me, already purchased it for two times hahaha :D.

    1. so happy to know that, however we could find it easily so there aint out of stock, thank you for visiting 🥰

  2. Hai Tika..

    Keren poatingannya.. Fotonya cantik pula..

    Yaampun Aq entah dah brapa lama gak pake yg seri2 whitening.. Karena sudah menyerah dengan kebulukan wajahku hahaha..

    1. Hello, makasih kak udah mampir, mumpung lagi selalu put on mask, coba lagi yuk~