Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion - Freshy

by - November 18, 2020

So yeah finally decided to try this viral thingy. I actually do not expect about what they claim from this product, but definitely because of the scent. I am wondering whether it can stay all day or not, because why not if a lotion could help you keep being fresh all day (then you could cut your cologne budget). I know it was being viral since day one they launched anyway, almost all the variant of this product was booming (well because of the claims of course). It is Scarlett Whitening. It is a brand found by Felycia Angelista. They produce some kind of products. They are body lotion, body scrub, body wash, hair care and face care such as serum. The body lotion is available in four variants, such as Romansa, Fantasia, Charming and the latest is Freshy. 

You can find it easily on blog or other platform about the review of this product. But me, personally do not really like instant bright effect (especially body lotion), well because I have dark skin so then it does not matter how great the brand, it would end up so grey or white but weird, like I got painted. I know, white cast is totally a big no. But, then I need something fresh recently and ended up checking out this product and (I choose Freshy) to try whether it could stay fresh that long or not.
The packaging made from plastic, somehow would definitely good for travelling (not now of course, stay at home folks). The lid completed with pumper, it is so save because you can lock it when you do not need to use it and again it would be saver to bring while traveling in a bag. The pumper also easy to use and do not going to bring out too much product. So, you can still manage how much you want to use. But of course the minus of pumper lid is you cannot go through all the product, so maybe you will open the lid for last product.
It contains of Glutathione and Vitamin E which good for your skin and could help it get brighter and healthy in a way. I really am happy to find this product just like other lotion I ever tried, it is definitely leaves no white cast and could absorb quickly into your skin. It is somehow do not leave any heavy feeling even though you reapply it. It is not that matte and still give you a little bit moist feeling. 
Product Usage
Just like how you should apply your body lotion, exactly right after taking a bath. Make sure you apply it evenly throughout your skin and smell the fresh scent to make you more relax after bathing. I ever tried to smell the other variant, but I think this one is definitely must try. You could reapply it whenever you need, for moslem you would need to reapply it once you finish pray at noon and more in the evening before bed. 
Again and again, you could shop at for save shopping and trusted and most complete brand distributor of beauty product. But it is also fine to visit their instagram profile, you will get the latest update about their product and more, and the greatest one is all of their product, lotion, body scrub, body wash sell only for IDR 75.000 and there will be cheaper (to shop at sociolla) if you have soco points or coupons. 

So after a week of using, it is seriously could made your day better, because for me, being fresh would definitely made my mood good. I like the texture of this lotion, it is so light and could quickly absorb into skin. I do not feel it could make my skin one tone brighter once I apply it, but after a week routine usage I found it better than before (of course you should use it according to the direction usage). Well the last one is the fragrance, I really found it weird at the first time I open the wrap. I think it is way too much to say as fresh, it smells too strong somehow. But then I found out so calm rather than strong. Maybe it is because I smell it for the first time, so it came that strong, but once you apply onto your skin it would definitely smells so good and fresh (as the variant said) and yup it is stay longer than common lotion I ever used.

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  1. Ah, aku juga awalnya kurang suka sama wanginya, kurang terbiasa karena aku sendiri penyuka wangi yang manis, not fresh heheh. But as the time goes, my nose is getting used to it dan jadinya lumayan heheh

    1. indeed, apalagi re-apply sebelum tidur jadi makin relax :)

  2. I am so curious about this Freshy fragrance. Because some influencers told it has good fragrance

    1. You have to try it on, anyway I have visited your review about this product but with the other scent, so I guess you'll like this one as well :)