Story of Kale When Someone's in Love

by - November 03, 2020

So, finally after a fatigue week I could share this review to you guys. I really gonna be so carefully write the details to do not show any spoiler here. As the title above I guess you are also wondering how would this movie be. As you watched Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini or in international title called One Day We'll Talk about Today I believe you will curious about one of the character played by Ardhito Pramono, Kale, who definitely steals the spotlight, although the dialogue he got was not really that long. But, I could not agree more that his appearance in this movie was so gorgeous. He really know how to stare in calm, deep and sharp ways. 

Hence, I finally decided to watch this movie called Story of Kale: When Someone's in Love. I really ain't doubt about how the stories would go, because the director is the same as the movie One Day We'll Talk about Today. I really like the way he direct the movie and take the picture. He really has occupation in putting us emotionally. He did not put too much dialogue but somehow still could steal our tears and feeling. 
I do not think this one is only a romance movie, but much more than that.
Of course Kale is played by Ardhito Pramono as how in One Day We'll Talk about Today. He is actually not a professional actor until he played Kale. As his first role, Kale is a strong one that really matters in the previous story. Since In this movie there are so many emotional scenes he should be in, he really still could make it. I do not overrated about him but still, he really could be Kale as Ardhito. Well I ever heard about his short interviews before and I found the same emotion in it. So, I think he really could build the character well with his own habit. And yes you are not mistaken, he is actually debut as a pop jazz musician. He write and sing some good songs, for this movie he also write the original soundtrack. You might want to hear more of his voice after watching this movie, lol. You could easily find his albums and singles on Spotify
While the female lead played by Aurelie Moeremans. I honestly do not really know about her. This movie is actually the first time I recognize her, so I tried my best to research about her. So, she actually has a lot of experience in acting. She Played so many roles and even ads model, hence I do not really surprise she could bring the character of Dinda well played. In an article I also found out that the story of Dinda is actually relate to her lot, so that is why she did not really find any difficulties to research about the character. Since lately she wants to learn more about how to sing as professional, hence in this movie there is a song she sings together with Ardhito Pramono.
The other roles you could find it here. But for me all is good in playing their own portion. The dialogue and gestures are enough and well played.
Since Kale and Dinda work in music industry, the setting is mainly at the backstage of a music show. It also takes place on the road while the band which Dinda managing is going for a tour. There is a sweet moments in a parking lot and a lot of drama later in a house, where I guess it is a studio as well for both of them. Since, they decided to write a song and produce an album together. 
There is also a short scene in hotel room, where Dinda and Kale yelled each other arguing about trust and lead to another traumatise.
It is actually not really clear how long Kale and Dinda know each other, but it is starting on a day while Dinda and her boyfriend arguing about something and leads him saying something rude to her, so Kale comes to give some helps. Actually there are no problem about Dinda's feeling to her boyfriend until Kale that evening says that Dinda actually put an exception to her boyfriend to act harshly and still be forgiven. Long story short Dinda broke up with her boyfriend and working on a project together with Kale and the band which Dinda manage, which of course it makes Kale pay more attention to her. Day by day Kale feel so sorry about how Dinda has treated by her ex-boyfriend before and make him wants to protect her a lot. 
Until one day he got her heart, both of them decided to work on their own project to write a song and perform it together. While being busy in making Dinda feels happy  with him as couples there is something crazy that Dinda wants from him. She wants to break up!
You should visit to know why Dinda wants to break up with him.
8,5/10. It is actually the third Indonesian movie after Catatan Akhir Sekolah and Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini that I want to watch again and again. I know there are no humor or something to be laugh at, instead a lot of emotion and even triggered scenes that you might not going to like (if you have a deep traumatic you better do not watch it alone). But, I really love how Visinema Pictures always shows related problem in live into their movies. Plus of course because of their great director.  

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