Most Favorite Lip Product 2019

by - January 04, 2020

Oh hello . .
Finally some of drafts are posted. Well, I am not trying to postpone it or someway, but yes, sorry to say I was trying to get myself busy of something I don't use to do before. You know it is all about saving money, time management, eat less and move more. But yes obviously I only keep on that duties for not longer than 2 months. I am trying now to reshape it that way once more but for last not only a week or someway. Well if you wonder what I am talking about, you kindly check this post to make sure you are triggered to do so.  
Anyway I am not trying to say something to make me as a profesional of emotional training or what, but I am only me who is just like you all, wondering something, trying to do something new once you know through a movie, crying over korean drama and copying something cool on it but also and always still procrastinate to start something good for ourselves. That is me. I hope only me.
Ok now I would like to share what I really really waiting to show you, why should I wait to something which would like to burst?? You'll find out latter hehe..
Well well, I am tying to go like a girl this chance, Lol. Yeah obviously just like the tittle above, I will tell you what kind of lip product I have been use lately. Pardon me for so loooong opening like h*ll.
Emina Lip Cream
Yawn, everybody knows. I see I see, this local lovely product is a must to have as a lip product enthusiast. You can easily find out the swatch and review of this product on youtube channel. There are many kind of shades you can choose, and yeah definitely as a local product it has so pretty nude shades that fit for asian skin tone. I mean, somehow for a warm to dark skin tone you will look too pale or it just does not fit you well to wear such a nude shades. But, mostly this product create such a perfect nude. As creamatte product, it does have a matte finish. It is also so blendable and the color is very stand out once we apply it. Take some seconds to let the product set and you will can not believe can get it only for IDR 40.000-50.000. The packaging itself is so handy and small, so that you could bring it everywhere even you only carry a clutch. It is also so classy with a black flap and not too much printing on it. The applicator also easy to use. But for a daily use it should be based with a lip balm or other product you usually use to moisturize your lips, or you will feel so dry latter. For me it is too dry, so I used aloe gel before using it and after all no cracked lips anymore. It surprisingly can stay longer than five hours without reapplying. I have Amazeball shade.
Instaperfect Wardah
Another local product I like, actually I have tried the other lip product from wardah. But lately I use this variant. Accidentally found this shade suits on my lips well, so yeah I keep it. This one darker than Emina but so nice for a formal or casual occasion. Even actually Wardah and Emina are a family but they really have a different formulas. This one is a bit lighter than Emina. But still it is so blendable and full coverage. You do not need to apply it many times, because once you apply it the color will cover your lips perfectly. It also has a matte finish. The applicator is so easy to use as well. The packaging is so classy as you can see. It looks like a bar with a transparent tube, so that you could see the remain product. It is also so handy. But still for a matte finish I choose to use aloe gel to keep my lips moisturized. Once I tried without it, end! My lips start to crack in the middle of the day sadly. But it also might be despite of my habit to be in a full air conditioner room all day and once I could get out is for a lunch in a sunny day. The last one is the flap. Yes I am wondering how could the product, which I always keep on using it carefully, blended over the neck of the packaging. So muddy. Hate it the most, come  on tell me how could? I have mine in Chic shades.
Nature Republic Real Gel Tint Red
Still and always will be my favorite lip tint product after all. I think I do not need to tell you anymore about how I adore it. You could find the complete review here.
Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream
Indeed indeed, it has been favorite local lip product for so many beauty guru. The Wardah and Emina siblings that I wonder could create such a great great matte lip product. Because I believe everybody who has tried it on would falling to it. The formula is actually what we are all need, so light and full coverage at the same time. The shade also available in so many variants. I bet you only need to reapply to keep in in line after eating as everyday use. That is the plus plus thing I love about this product. Even no lip base before applying it, my lips keep moisturized. The applicator is very easy to use as well and the packaging is so classy. The flap is black with transparent package. I choose to use Classic shade as a forever shade we should have. I usually combine it with a nude one to create such an ombre finish. The last but not least is the neck of the package does not get muddy even after a year usage. Thanks to the designer. The packaging is actually really alike with wardah instaperfect series, it is not too long, so that you could put it in your curse for a lunch.
Dear Me Beauty
Another local lip product I love lately. Well of course as you may know this one is the most expensive than others, I love this one the most equal to my Nature Republic Gel Tint Red. They are both are a different lip product, this one is a lip cream which has a thicker formula than tint. I love the smell as well, it smells like vanilla or something. I do not know the exact but I am just so fine and even love it. Comparing to all the lip products I use, this one has the most lovable smell. Dear Me usually collaborates with some snacks or characters. Lately it collaborates with Snoopy, Nissin and Yupi. But surprisingly it still could produce them with such a classy yet cute packaging, even though I still do not have chance to try them, but I believe the formula still the same as the original product. Well the thing which makes me going to repurchase is the formula, it is so light, so that even I do not use any lip balm to moisturize my lips it does not make my lips dry or cracked. Even it has matte finish as the Make Over does but this one goes gently. I really like to reapply it once after eating because it can not stay so long, but I am fine with it. Mine is in shade Dear Daisy. It is so beautiful to blend together with Make Over in Classic shade. I really love the design of the packaging of mine, mine is the original series but with the latest packaging design. It is so beautiful in pastel, the color is dope and fading on the bottom. I am also fine with the applicator, well actually the most comfortable to use so far, it is so long and thin.

So yeah, they are all lip products I have been used in two thousand and nineteen. But of course they are all the most I love as a daily use. If you wonder where to find it originally, you could shop at sociolla or in the nearest drugstore. But Nature Republic Real Gel Tint Red is not included, you might be so lucky to find it in their store, because lately it does not remain anymore with the same packaging and name. Well, maybe they update it to the other product, but I do not want to try on. Well, you might have tried them all, but if you don't, make sure you apply lip balm or something alike to protect your lips from getting dry and cracked. Moisturizing is the key, Lols. But, indeed with a moisture base your finishing will look greater and the product will definitely stay last longer. Lip balm also helps you to easily blend the product all over your lips. 
Well actually I want to publish this post as an ending post in twenty nineteen but, I still do not have the pictures enough (now you know why it comes late), so yeah, let this one welcome this twenty twenty. Hope you like it. 

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