My Big Baby

by - January 03, 2020

I guess you have your own poem
Yes I guess everybody has
A love poem which the only one could tell how blossom our feeling is
A pretty one to show how big our heart could maintain our feeling for every problem around
Maybe mine is not as great as it should be
Maybe it is not as lovable as yours

Even maybe we starts our love story almost the same
Even maybe we experience such a problematic things alike
But yeah, mine is unique
Because mine is always be my number one kid
My big baby who always been annoying one but loved
You might familiar with a best friend lover
Indeed, I did fall for no reason actually to my friend
Just friend anyway
Not so close friend
Not so good friend
Just friend once we knew each name at a morning absent
Not a long conversation
Not so often meeting
Not an every night chit chat
Not even a sweet accident in between
Only a very weird "Hello" when we met
Only a glance of chat once in a month
Only a lot of awkward things 
Only ignorant things in between

Indeed it is so hard to recall how we could be as one package
But the day I am sure about what we feel in between I feel like meeting a very close old friend
I think it is pretty fine to slap him once I got so annoyed
I think it is pretty funny to tell him everything I dislike about his
I think it is super fine to set my mood over dramatic of little thing
I think it is a sweet thing to annoyed him every single day
Just as normal as a good friend does

But complicated things also happened just like climbing a rocky road
Until dead we never been on top cause life is about learning everyday as human being
We do understand even each of us living our first life now
But me as a girl who is so smart at pointing out something wrong could not stop blaming him of everything
So hard at learning forgive and forget
But no matter how harsh words I said he is the one who has the biggest heart to give me sorry
It is not about who is the weakest in loving
I do have to admit it is the way he saying that forgiving is that easy for a little misunderstanding between two people who climbing in a same rope
And yes, I do find how I should look at him
A pure love

A pure one who pour such a big love like a baby
A big baby, who always turns something in a fool way
Something which I hate the most
Something which hurts me so much
Something which makes me in tears
But still his eyes just like a big baby
A big one I should take care of and forgive
A big one who I will raise up and grow me wiser at the same time
A big one who has such a tiny and lovely fingers with tidy nails
A big one who cannot open his eyes wider than mine
A big one who always be a troublesome baby and turns me more mature in a wavy ways
And a big one who shut my fussy mouth up with silence and wisdom

Even distance has succeed did us apart, a short meeting could heal everything as before
Even time made us cry in longing but prayers set us two in the same line
Our difference is actually the most which unite
And I am sure to stick and goof around him until whenever it could be

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