Current Mood

by - November 05, 2019

Me as myself only a lazy and nothing doing mode expert. I know it is not too good for my future life and so this fatty body, well I know it is getting fat even every second. So tired of this kind of flat routines but also too lazy and tired for a new adventurous changing ahead. What a superb problematic case I should take care. Seriously?
I am now over 50 kilos I guess, need to move more as I said before on this post. But, yeah I am only me who really wanna think something big but laying down is still my favorite thing to do. I sometimes worry about what if there is nothing to solve anymore, you know? I mean it is kinda answering the questions on your paper test. I am just wondering how if this very small brain do not work proper because there is no exercises I do. 
Well well, I am blessed I have an opportunity to use it in the morning until about 5 pm in a weekdays to think something a little bit serious than what kinda food I should eat to make my stomach full all day long so I can save my money and so keep my weight on the same just like forty something maybe. 
But not like today, it is not like it anyway. I am on my very tired mode to face something useless to discuss. Even actually there were a lot of case I face before but no more please, I am wondering if you could help my brain to act to a person who does not really understand what you are saying. It is when you only need he/she to take care about her/his mistakes but she/he yelled at you like you are the one who make the biggest mistake to ruin her/his day. Oh common I am not that patient anymore, I did use to angry back at this kinda stupid human being, but then I choose to take a step backwards for the shake of healthier life. But today he/she kinda relapse that stupidity for a thousand times. I think I need yoga class or something to release my fatigue and feed up mind of this kinda thing. I am playing jazz songs now to make my body feel like not in the office anymore but somewhere cooler with a good mood people around.

I hope you are all fine with your daily routines guys. I will heal for a better kidney and blood pressure, keep yours as well anyway and I am praying you're not gonna face this kinda lunatic person for rest of your life. *fingerscrossed*

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