Brother of The Year

by - October 29, 2019

Oh Hello!
Sorry for another old film review hehe..
But, maybe some of you didn't get a right time and space to watch it before, so here you are. I actually randomly searching for something to watch during my midnight time (so sleepy all day but so hard to sleep in the night, anybody feels?). I really love how Sunny Suwanmethanon acts, then I tried to find another film he is in. Well, so many recommendations come to this movie. Brother of the Year. It was out on May 2018. Well yeah as you know who's acting for it, it is thai movie. I wonder how do you guys think about this movie after watching it? I know it would be a little bit dramatic for you who has siblings, and still live together with them. Well, because I have none, so yeah, I was imagining how would it be. Lol.
I really recommend you guys who want to watch such a light movie but so funny as the way thai movie always does. The message could delivered deeply and right at the point but not so bossy or in an old way. I really like comedy romantic genre, so it would amuse you well if so do you.
Well well here they are, I know the comedy focus of course well done by Sunny Suwanmethanon. He is the brother we talk about, Chut. He acts as an elder brother, who love baseball so much. He also like to read comics from Japan about a great baseball player. But, yeah he is also his sister trouble maker, he really couldn't take care of himself and always ruin everything around. It seems clearly because his sister is Jane, Urassaya Sperbund act as her perfectly, she is kind of the greatest student at everything but not for love. She failed despite of Chut's possessivity. What a love hate relationship. Jane as the opposite of Chut, she is so mature and careful of everything she would do in her life. The one who attract me so much to watch this movie is Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul or as known as Nichkhun the member of 2PM, korean boyband from JYP Entertainment. He acts as Moji, a japanese who works for a multinational corporation based in Japan but does his duty in Thailand. He is kind of sweet guy who's so innocent yet lovable, he also is a wise and hard worker. Although there are not so many line of him I still cannot lying that he always act well. You may check out his latest korean drama as Rotip in Arthdall Chronicles.
This movie sets in two countries, they are Thailand and Japan. Because the characters like baseball so much, so there are some of baseball actions in baseball field. The conflict starts when Jane is graduated from university, so it is focus on their life after school. Some of flashback are from Chut and Jane Junior high school experiences. My most favorite setting is when Jane and Moji in Japan and Cuth come over, but then it ends happly while Jane and Chut playing baseball just for both of them in a narrow yard and Moji life well as a great husband and father!!
I warn you, there is a lot of problems hahaha. What to do? Because it is about to merge two very difference souls between Jane and Chut as a sibling. So, it tells about how Jane and Chut has so many disputes in many case they have in life. Jane such a perfect girl in class, sport even personality. She also has a good looking and always be loved by people around. Chut such a cool brother ever. He likes to having fun, but surprisingly he also has such a hero soul to protect his sister, but actually too much. He even do not let Jane dating someone he is not into him. Until the moment they should work for a same project for the shake of corp where Moji works in Thailand, it is actually the moment when Jane hurts Moji the most, it is a multinational corp both in Japan and Thailand. The climax is when Jane should choose between her brother or her dreamy life with Moji. Jane always imaging about what if Chut was not her brother and the opposite, Chut thinks the same thing. Even on Jane's happiest moment, Chut choose the craziest thing he ever did.
8/10. It is not too much nor less. I really love how they are acting as who they should be and bonus level to see Nichkhun acts as a mature yet so cute and sweet soul as always. I am not promise you such a happy ending. *peace*

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