Our Beloved Summer

by - July 10, 2022

What a year, it is been a half, but it feels like "tomorrow must be the first of February right?" still, I need more month this year literally. I do not know how fast time can bring so many things happened this year. I used to have such a complicated thing to solved with my best friend, but this couple of months we clear the tangled thing and jump into something big, so crazy!! and the thing I learn a lot is to put a side of my ego first, because we do not want to recall such a hurting memories where I put my ego first before everything and turned out I regret it so much, how we can missed so many things because of it.

Through this drama too, Our Beloved Summer, I learn a lot how to be strong and understand people more than I used to be, being so emotional can bring such big pain and losing too. I love romance comedy so much but obviously this drama much much more than that, I enjoyed the funny scenes but also cry a lot to another scenes, lol.
I actually am not a big fan of both of the main characters, they are Choi Woo Sik and Kim Da Mi. Obviously after watching this drama I love them both so so so much. I watch how Kim Da Mi acted in Itaewon Class, as a genius high school girl, so there is no need to tell more about it, she does perfectly as well in this drama. But hey, Woo Sik as Choi Ung, never been this cool and cute before, I only knew him from Parasite movie, turns out in this drama he brings so much emotions. He really can play the role well. They are high school friend who have to film a documentary series between the smartest and the lowest student in school on their last year on high school. 
So, again and again korean drama with a hater to lover concept never failed. It brings different vibe than others. It is not boring at all to watch the full scenes, you will definitely love it, because it gives you time to laugh and focus enough since it has mixed plot. 
There are also other great artist play roles here as well, you can check it here

It is mostly in the school, Choi Ung house, where he met again with Kook Yeon Su, Kim Dami roles, and Choi Ung's parents house. There is also scene where they have to take scenes for the documentary series in a down town, such a refreshing one.
There is such a field where Choi Ung come back to Yeon Su once again under the rain after such a complicated feeling in between. What a sweet scenes!!

Indeed it was started in high school where Yeon Su had to sit beside Choi Ung because the teacher ask her so, in order to help the crew easier to take the scene of the documentary series. It obviously makes them feel so uncomfortable. But of course as hater to lover, in the end of the documentary taking scene, they feel another feeling that change their relation. 

After years being together suddenly they decided to end the relationship. However, they actually need to talk to each other to clear the air, since Choi Ung still did not get why they should be separate. Until the day they have to work together in a project, they finally have much more time to spend together and find out how they actually feel each other.

Indeed behind the funny things they actually have their own big problem to solve, however being apart actually is the best way for them both to face their fear until they have courage to talk about it each other, and maybe being together again (?)

I really love every single scenes, so I will definitely re-watch it over and over again, 9/10. Luv!! I am not over ratted it, because as I mention above I do not really like them both actually, until I watch this series, and I really love their character so much. strong Yeon Su but so fragile inside, so free and playful Choi Ung with dark memories behind. I really love how the series build the problem well and show us how to grow our feeling as getting mature.

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  1. Aku juga udah nonton drama ini Mba! Sebelumnya aku juga gak terlalu sering nonton proyek film atau drama dari pemerannya. Kim Da Mi cuma 1 film dan Woo Sik 2 film, itu pun mereka di film yang dark gitu bukan yang tipe romcom gini. Ceritanya bagus banget emanggg, apalagi kita kenalan dari mereka masa sekolah sampe kerja, keliatan banget perjuangan mereka di tiap tahap kehidupan itu dan romance nya juga bagus bangettt!

    1. Hello Tika, terima kasih sudah mampir🤍
      indeed, masih suka rewatch scene2 yg paling aku sukak, kalo sekarang lagi marathon kdrama apa nih??
      rekomend pls :)