L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro Essence

by - March 13, 2022

Oh hello, finally another product review after such a long break from this blog. I tried my best to have some times to write more on this blog, but still there are always something more urgent to do that time. Since everything is starting to back on track I got this free weekend to write down this post. Actually it is not a new product from L'Oreal Paris and it is not a month after usage, so sorry. But this one is a product that I will definitely repurchase. 

I know I have been using Wardah white secret series before, and of course there is no break out or something, but so far this series only help me to maintain my skin from getting dry, I mean I actually I want to repair the dullness as well. So, I tried this product on the end of August last year.


I really love the packaging, it is so classy and luxury as well. I love the glassy packaging but of course it is not travel friendly, but I love it. the thing is the glass so thick and so far it is still save to carry on for me. The cons I do not really like is the hole of its lid. It is somehow too wide, so then the product can poured too much, so I do not need so much, only once drop it could be applied to my whole face up to my neck as well.


It contains Butylene Glycol which so good for dry skin. That is why I love it when I wake up in the morning, my skin is always so moist and hydrated. But do not worry it also fine for you guys who have oily skin, because it contains Salicylic Acid which good for oily skin and acne prone. You can check out more about the ingredients here. But for me, I love it when It is applied to my skin it does not give any slick effect like the previous product I have been used. It absorbs quickly into your skin, so you do not have to wait any longer to apply your next skin care product. I also love it when it helps me to maintain my skin texture. It helps a lot to reduce the texture of my left cheek.     

Product Usage

I usually use it as my toner as well, so I apply it once after I have done taking a bath and wash my face with facial foam. Since the texture is so watery so I use my palm to flatten the product all around my face and neck as well. It is surprisingly absorbed quickly than I though, so once I ready to put next skin care I tap it gently and apply the serum to my whole skin face. 


I bought it first time on Sociolla, the smaller one. It was on sale back then. But the bigger size I decided to get it from their Shopee oficial store, because they are on sale as well, even cheaper from other market place, so I cannot say NO. It costs IDR 126.750 for 65ml on sociolla and IDR 203.400 for 130ml and free the smallest size of their Revitalift serum. 

So after more than 6 months usage, I notice it can literally swipe out my blamishes and acne scars as well. I love it after night usage, it helps me maintain my skin texture in the morning, so I do not have to be worry about period acne, since it can be treat easily now by using this essence. I found my burned skin is getting better as well, so let us see whether it can help my dullness or not. I highly recommend you guys to try this one. 

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