L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Serum

by - July 31, 2022

Oh hello, welcome to my another skincare review again. I know this product was the superb serum that Loreal has in the very first launching, but however I still have the chance to try it along with the essence, so yeah. But anyway, I do have such a problem lately, which my skin start to dry, even more, even I already drink a lot of water and sleep early, the weather and dust cannot be calm honestly. It is start to be so sunny in the afternoon but so dry and cold, even windy at night. I used to overcome it with sleeping mask, but I do not think it can help anymore. 

Definitely, my skin need something to hydrate it much more than sleeping mask and better daily habit. Since I am so busy as well, there is acne popping up strangely on my chin and around my jaw line. I swear I treat it well, I mean no touching too much, no pressing or something, but still annoyingly it leaves acne scar after recovery. What a day!!

So I think I need to upgrade my night serum into something much much more worth to apply before sleep, in a hope there is a bit change every morning when I wake up. Indeed since I just was waiting my previous serum is empty then I will try this wish list product. I used it together along with the essence, so, hopping it can help to overcome my skin problem lately.
I always fall in love with glassy and transparent packaging, so it is a YES for the design. I love it how they bring Crystal series into this classy and gorgeous look. I know it will be extra attention for travelling purpose, but for me I do not take it as a problem, since the lid locked safely, but we need to put it into small pouch to overcome it knocks with another skincare product. But the glass so thick so it will not crack easily. The pipette also easy to use, and it is a plus, since it is not too big, so the product does not fall out.
Obviously it is a yes yes!! since the formula will help the essence works better and in returns. It contains Hyaluronate which is good for my dry skin, and I love the texture as well, which it is so watery and easily absorbed into my skin. There is no sticky feeling or oily at all. You will love it when you use extra layering for your night skincare routine, because it does not give any other different when you use it or not. The smell also so good and calming for me. 
You can check the detail here for more information about the formula.
Product Usage
I easily use it only for my night skincare routine. I apply it all over my face and neck use my hand palm. I usually use it for four to five drops only. I use it right after I use the essence. I wait it for about two minutes after the essence totally absorbed. But if you want, you can also apply it in the morning to complete your daily skincare base before applying make up. I never try it before but I believe it will help your make up goes better, since it is very light.

Well since there was a discount coupon I had, so I use it to get extra some percent off on Loreal Official Account in Shopee. There is always discount coupon or some gimmicks for purchasing their product in there, so make sure you check it out. You can also find it easily in the other online market place or even offline store. I bought if for only IDR 99.000.

Since it is already empty, I can give you a very very authentic review after usage. I use it for about three months, and so far I love it so much, how it can help my skin problem getting better and also give more benefits, which it helps my skin texture getting much better and make my dull skin get brighter as well. I recognize it since very first usage. I believe you will love your skin while you waking up in the morning, no need to conceal your blemishes anymore. You do not need to wait any longer to wait your dark spot because of acne scar to go. It also help to overcome my comedo around the nose and chin. So happy! Hopping you try it if you have not, because the only cons that I do not like is the price, but however it is a skinfestment. So worth to try.

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