Because This Is My First Life

by - February 28, 2022

Well well, what a year! 2021 is definitely a glance for me. There are so many things happened, a lot to learn and to be grateful for. It was totally a colorful one than other. Talking about life would be about achievements and dreams. However this is our life, we build it our own. We can choose, create, leave live and fix it the way we want. Of course there are also thousands things we can learn from and grow with. So, this korean drama, Because This Is My First Life catch my attention. I actually have known this drama twice or more but still have no time to literally watch the whole episodes, until this year I decided to watch all of it properly, and oh my gosh, I must regret my entire life to skip this one. However I love Jung So Min so much since she acted as Oh Ha Ni on Playful Kiss, but I am not really a big fan of Lee Min Ki, so yeah.

But however I had my hardest time while watching it, and believe it or not, it was like this drama give me such an understanding and other perspective to think of my problems. I feel so much better after watching it until end. Because I literally had no one to talk to that moment. I feel so lonely but no more after I kill my night routine by watching this drama. 

For me, it is not just a comedy romance, but more than that. It gives such a great life lessons.


The main casts are Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki as I mention above. I really love how Jung So Min played so childish yet so cute as a high school girl on Playful Kiss. and I never see her drama since then. Until this drama came out I still delay to watch it, in case she is not cute anymore I guess, but it was totally wrong. She might grow as a lady now, but however she always can bring that cuteness image. Besides this drama also has so many comedy scenes (since it is romance comedy genre) which she could play it very well. Lee Min Ki is not my favorite actor before I watch him here in this drama. I actually knew his drama, The Beauty Inside, but I do not really like it, sorry, so I prefer his acting here with Jung So Min. It might be so boring to know how there is so many korean drama start the romance scenes by living as housemate. But this drama however hits different. I love the character of Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min played, which as Nam Se Hee a successful man in the his late of thirty who is so independent and mature but choose to live alone, but he has mortgage and cannot stand marriage life, and Yoon Ji Hoo which as well decide to life alone because of financial reason. 

But what I like the most is how the whole casts give so many perspective to solve and face problems through the other casts as well, they are Esom as Woo Su Ji, who is struggling to keep working in her office with toxic people around to earn money for living, and Kim Ga Eun as Yang Ho Rang, who really want to married soon before her late thirty, but her boyfriend seems does not have the same goal about it. 

And also the other casts with another life problems which relate to my problems that time sadly, so I feel so much better as I said after I was done watching this drama. You can check other casts here

It was of course mostly in Nam Se Hee's house since they become a housemate. The other scenes are in Ho Rang's house, since these three use to hang out in there after having deep talk about their own problems. But my favorites one was in Ji ho's parents' house where Nam Se He introduce him self as Ji Ho's boyfriend and going to marry her soon. 

There is also romantic scene happened in Ji Ho's hometown, it was twilight at the beach. 


As I mention above, it was started when Ji Ho decided to move to Se Hee's house as his housemate. Which they agree to live together comfortably each other. Because Se Hee such a fussy one, so he thinks Ji Ho is the perfect one as his housemate, despite she loves to tidy everything properly and know how to treat his cat well. Since there is an accident happened, both of them should marry soon. It was so crazy because they are both never had such a plan. Ji Ho even did not tell her best friends, Ho Rang and Su Ji. However Ho Rang and Su Ji also have their own complicated problems, Ho Rang who is finally choose to move out from the place where she used to live together with her boyfriend. Almost give up on her love life. Meanwhile Su Ji who lives for her single mother won't give up on her job, even though it is so toxic and pressures her so much. 

Between their each problems some people come and go, to give Ji Ho love, to give Ho Rang another hope and treat Su Ji so much better than her boss and other staff she works with. However they have each other as best friend. 

There are so many misunderstandings in between, how ever I love the line Se Hee said about life.


Obviously 8.5/10. I really enjoy watching this drama, I used to skip some scenes I do not like but for this one, I did not have time to skip it, because every single scenes means a lot. I really like how the characters bring such a real problem (they are not over dramatic). And of course as I mention above it is such a light drama which you will definitely relate easily, It brings pure and real emotion and reaction of people personal life. I will definitely going to recommend this drama as must watch one. I maybe will re-watch it one day. Anyway, I love the original soundtrack of this drama so much.

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