L'Oreal Paris UV Defender UV Serum Protector Matte & Fresh

by - July 25, 2021

Hello everyone, so happy that I can update as soon as I know the result of a product I have been used. But, still actually it is delayed because I got so sick last week. I got sore throat and ended up getting cough and flu as well. But of course, I still gotta go to work (yeah because as I know there is like no excuse for sickness reason sadly). Anyway, I got better this weekend and cannot wait anymore to be productive again. So, yeah here is my first post after a superb hectic and a lot of struggle this week.
I know I have told you how I really love Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essense as my daily sunscreen back then. But, as it was so hard to get the special edition, Peony, I decided to but the regular one. Sadly I do not think the material is so different  but the finish of the product is so significant for me. I got oily easily after 3 hours usage, which so annoyed me enough. But, I did not end up with my first trial, I of course try to use it with or without moisturiser, serum and another daily skin product I used, but it is still too oily for my skin. So, I sadly decided to use another product. I finally try to use Loreal Paris UV Defender, which they claim they already improved their ingredients. 
I really love the packaging. It is of course their new packaging as they improved the ingredients. It is so light to bring, the shape of the bottle also so unique. It made of plastic but the thick one, however you do not need to worry to bring it while travelling. It also completed with a super safe lid. It is locked perfectly and also has such a tiny hole which we do not need to worry if we pull out too much product while using. I really love it. However it also do not need too much space.
It is also watery based. So it is save for daily use. It contains Ethylhexyl Salicylate which could help to protect our skin from the sunburn and other damages. The update ingredients is Airlicium, which could absorb too much oil we do not need to maintain the moist of our skin and also help to keep it fresh and matte all day even though we have a heavy activity under the sun. It also contains so many beneficial ingredients to protect our skin from UV such as completed with SPF 50+, PA+++, or you can check the details here
Product Usage
I really I am surprised by the texture. It is so thick as we can see but also so quick to absorb into our skin. It is not oily and heavy at all. I of course use it three times daily. In the morning and afternoon after bathing and also once at noon to reapply after washing my face. I use it directly after I apply my moisturiser and then cover it with a very light compact powder. 
I bought it from Sociolla as always, since there is no shipping fee, hehe. I choose the Matte and Fresh because I think I will need the matter sunscreen rather than others. You can easily find this product in drugstore or convenience store around your place, or for safe buying nowadays, you of course can get it easily on their online store. I got it for IDR. 120.000 only. 
I have been using this product for about a month and really love the improvement. I do not feel oily at all after more than three hours usage, and of course the texture can absorb quickly and no sticky at all. The thing is I really like the lid, it can control how many product we want and also can keep it clean from the untidy product after using. So far I really love this product as my daily sunscreen, I really recommend you to try it, but of course you can choose which one is the best for your skin, they provide the product with four needed, Matte and Fresh, Bright and Clear, Moist and Fresh, and Correct and Protect. 

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