Story of Dinda Second Chance of Happiness

by - November 07, 2021

Hello everyone, I know it is been a while. However I really I do want to write more here this year as I always promised and hoped, but in real life I fu*king need much more time to sleep. I also need more day off to be honest. But, last weekend, after the end of month schedule, I give myself more time to watch something new, including movie and korea drama. 
So happy that weekend I have some spare times to watch this movie, Story of Dinda: Second Chance of Happiness. Which is the sequel of One Day We'll Talk About Today  movie. Some say it is the spin off with different point of view of Dinda and Kale relationship. Well, of course as I already reviewed before, there will be no spoiler ahead. 
I really love the sequel of One Day We'll Talk About Today, so that is why I really want to watch it really soon as the other spin off released. Since it was so hectic on Friday, I watched this movie on Saturday in a hope I could have much more tranquil time to focus on it. 
First thing first the one that come to my head is why the Director should be changed to Ginanti Rona, which I actually do not know about her movies yet. To be honest I put so much expectation about this spin off.
Dinda is played by the same person, she is Aurelie Moeremans. Which is of course I know her on Story of Kale, nowhere else. I love the way she build her emotion, she looks so naturally talking to other casts as it is not written on the script. But honestly I do not really like her character which is so complicated to handle her relationship problem. She may be so tired of it, but she was used to run away rather than talk about it, and in this spin off, which the writer wants to show the other point of view from her, she is really so complicated indeed until she met someone who is wiser and more mature by aged and experience, Pram. It played so great by Abimana Aryasatya. Of course I put much more expectation into it, since I knew some of his roles on other movies. I really like his acting, and obviously in Story Of Dinda he played his roles as good as he always acts. He acts as an independent man who is loved and loves his family so much, looks so wise at handling problems in his life and of course even give a help to Dinda as they met for the first time. 
Although there is not much scenes, but Kale also keep well played by Ardhito Pramono. You could check other casts here
I love the setting of this movie, because besides it takes indoor, it also takes place in a beach. I love it, how they took the picture from every angle. I also love the atmosphere in the Pram's house. It seems so cozy and comfortable, and of course it can boost the moment while Pram and Dinda talking something deeply one another, as there is something she should decide before the time runs out. Before she lose another chance to be happy.

It was started on the day Dinda still loves Kale as her boyfriend, the day Dinda still on his possessive arms. It was night in a club when Dinda met her friend, which is her ex boyfriend's sister. Without Kale's permission, obviously she is busy with his calls. More than ten missed calls from Kale, Dinda starts showing how overprotective and possessive he is. In other side Dinda always take risks by keep lying to him for every banned permissions. Until that night she met somebody who is more mature and rich of experience since he is already married. Pram. 
With a little courage from Pram that night, Dinda finally starts to take her problem easier. She is braver at deciding something and setting up her mind. Day by day, Dinda keep sharing her love story with Pram as she feels much better after telling him about what's happening between her and Kale. 
As they both realize how often they met and feel more understanding each other, Dinda is questioned whether she wants to leave someone she loves for another chance to be happy once more by Pram. As it is too early and suddenly for her to give him the answer, as always, the quiet and mature Pram gives her more time and space to think about it. 
6/10. I definitely expect more than this. I mean I love the last sequel so much, and of course more than that, they have Abimana as Pram. So perfect, but not with the story line. I don't know why they just give us this slice. I mean, I did not feel the climax at all, so sorry. I literally keep waiting something to burst until the last minutes. I do not know. For me It feels like keep seeking the melting cheese inside a cake we eat until our last bite. Definitely no cheese inside. However the casts act so great for each character just like the sequel before, and then again sadly there is no original soundtrack that attract me at all.

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