The Space Between Us

by - November 20, 2020

Indeed there is still a lot of spare time lately. Keep staying at home means movie marathon right? I have some movies that I have not watched before, so maybe it is the time. But, this movie called The Space Between Us is the sweet one that I will always re-watch (especially at this kind of time). Exactly it is a romance movie but also great to watch together with your family. Even though there is no such a big actors staring this movie but still this one is worth to watch in the weekend. 
It is released in 2017 ago, as a romance science fiction film I really love the romance one. It is not really that science but more like fiction I guess. Beside that I really like the music. There is an original soundtrack that still on my playlist, Stay Right Where You Are by Ingrid. So, if you like this song you will definitely fall in love with this film.
The male lead was played well by Asa Butterfield. He is just present how Gardner look a like. Yes, the male leads named Gardner Elliot. I do not ever watch him play in any role, but somehow I like him a lot (and because in this film he really look like Greyson Chance a bit hehe). He really could play a role as a weird teens comes from other space. Indeed it is because he ever played so many kind of roles since he was young and even won an award as a young british performer. You might wanna watch him later on other films he played in, after you done with Space Between Us. 
While the female leads was starring by Britt Robertson. Even though she is almost eight years older than Asa but she really looks like a teens in this film. She is an American Actress that has played in so many films and tv shows. In this film she played a lonely but so smart girl called Tulsa. While the other characters who has an important line in this movie are Nathaniel Shepherd and Kendra Whyndam. These two characters were well played by Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino. But, Gary toke the spotlight the most, he really is a geniuses. He could show such a great emotion as an old but so smart old man.
Of course, it would take you out of space because that is how far the distance between Tulsa and Gardner have. It even shows how is life in Mars and there is also beautiful scenery of American roads, I guess it is in Mexico (but I am not sure). Moreover as in the film they have to travel all day to find somebody, so yes there is such a long road trip with so many obstacle in between. 
For me I like it a lot when they had such a chatty conversation on the road and at school, the first time Garner come to Tulsa after a long time no words in between because of his very specific type of travel. 
Obviously it is about Gardner who is from some other space who wants to come to Earth to find somebody he really wants to meet a lot and also wants to live there with Tulsa, a girl he always have a chat with online while he is on Mars. He grows on Mars and got something wrong with his body so it must be a big problem for him to live as a person on Earth. Living with astronauts on Mars makes him know nothing about socializing but more about research and science. Once he got a chance to run away to meet Tulsa, he got such a great and so many first experiences to know about earth more. He even keep asking everybody about what is their favorite thing about earth.
Until they both meet, Tulsa decided to help Gardner to find his father who he believes lives on Earth, somewhere in America. They gone through quite a lot to find him. But on their way, Tulsa still cannot believe about where Gardner come from until something happened and makes her realized that Gardner never tell lies about coming from Mars, about his mother, his disease and many more.
I personally adore the strong character of Nathaniel who could keep a serious problem inside and carry it all alone. Until the time comes, he finally could share the memories together with someone he really wants to protect the most. I will describe him as a sign of true love. 
7,5/10. If you like such an old kind of movie like The Perks of Being a Wallflower you will like this one as well. There is no big city, just a calm and downtown but with a great cast and also ear relaxing soundtracks. There are some scenes that would absolutely make you blushing, laughing and crying a lot as well. Even though it is a light film that has no sequel I really recommend it for your movie time tonight. If you need to know the details of this film, you can check it here.

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