L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Pink Hair Serum

by - December 05, 2020

Hello everyone, finally I found something great about this product. That is why I want to tell you about how this product works on me now (even though actually I have bought it almost a year a go). For your note, I have such a thick and long hair, and it is so fine even though I did not put additional vitamin for it. But, indeed it was back then when I did not wear hijab. I also had bangs and short bob hair when I was on my junior high school. But since I decided to wear hijab, I tried to make my hair longer again in order to make it simple tied inside. So, since then on I decided to grow my bangs as long as my hair. But, turned out, it was getting dry and frizzy, only the old bangs I had grown. The rest actually as smooth as I ever had before I wear hijab. But, since I wear hijab I do not pay more attention to it and still did not add any vitamin or such a thing. 

Since I have to dry my hair sooner, I use the hairdryer every time after washing my hair. Exactly, it makes my hair problem worse. The heat however is not good for hair, so my hair star to get drier and fall. So, this chance I would like to show how how this product help my problem. whether it could help or not. 

I really love the design of the packaging. It looks so fresh and so sweet in pink, because mine is in french rose scent. The bottle is made from glass. It makes it more luxurious. It really is made from thick glass so it is so heavy and so risky to bring while travelling. But I did make a mistake, it knocked hardly to the wall but it was all fine, maybe because the glass is so thick. But, still you have to avoid it from any crash if you do not want it to get leaking. The lid is so save and economic, since it is completed with pump lid and also with lock and unlock rotation.

It is claimed that it consists of Shine Silicone to keep hair shinning and the the French Rose Oil helps hair to be smooth and not wrinkled easily and also deep moisturized. I actually do not know too much about the difference between serum and vitamin for hair. But this product said it is both of them. In the end it really helps to calm my hair from the UV and the heat of the hairdryer. 
Product Usage
So, this one is very tricky. Since the packaging said that I could use it before washing and before drying. So, I did as how it is written on the back of the packaging. But sadly, my hair was getting limp and quickly get greasy. Even though I did wash my everyday, (so this is the beginning how my hair was getting fall every time I comb it). I know wash my hair everyday would make it get worse, but I cannot stand the greasy feeling. I tried another way to use it, I use it only before drying it and a little bit when it is half dry. It was better, but still feel a bit limp if I did not wash it every evening. So I stop using it for some months. I tried to use another shampoo this year and tried to use this hail oil once more because I love the scent so much (if this time did not work as well I will definitely left it a half like that). Surprisingly I found it works much better to use only before drying my hair (when it is half dried by the towel) with two pumps on the palm of my hands. 


I purchased it last year on Sociolla. It was on big sale, so why not. It is only about IDR 80.000 that time. But do not worry, you can yours right now, because there is on sale as well right now. This product actually is not only available in French Rose, you can also pick Gold, Lavender, Jasmine, Flora Rose one. If you want to go to offline store, this product can easily spot in the nearest drugstore. 

So, basically I really love the fragrance so much, it is so fresh and calming at the same time. Although in the beginning I did not really found this product could maintain my frizzy hair but now it really successfully works better in calming and nourished my hair. I finally do not see my old long bangs so frizzy nowadays. This couple of months I tried to routinely use if before drying and I also do not need to wash my hair everyday because I do not feel my hair limp or greasy anymore, so It means I can also maintain my hair fall as well. But beside I think I use the right shampoo as well this time.

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