What Kind Of Shawl I Love To Wear

by - July 20, 2020

Hello everyone, so basically today I would like to give a short review about my veil. There are some questions about what kind of fabric that I usually wear for my daily veil. I prefer to use square veil rather than shawl for my daily basic, but then on some occasions where I need to get a formal look I will choose long cutting veil (or by still wearing my daily square veil lol). I usually wear shawl when I get dress in blouse with long skirt or a long dress. So this chance I would like to share about what kind of fabric that I choose for my shawl collection. 
So basically I do not really like to wear too much inner in a way, because sometimes we do not really know how the moment would be, even though it should be in a full air conditioner building but when it comes to too many people in there it definitely would be hot, so you will get so much sweating and it ends so uncomfortable. I prefer to wear a basic inner (the cutting just like headband that people usually use when washing face). I think it is more comfortable than the others, but then I need to choose the fabric of the shawl should be thicker and it should be not transparent. 

At a very first time I experienced to wear shawl from Albarkah (sadly for now it does not exist anymore on Instagram). I found out the fabric is pretty unique, it is stretch with sand fiber so then it is definitely save to wear without long inner (ninja inner). Your hair could not be seen and of course the fabric is easy to style. But surprisingly the fabric also so fine to use all day, even though it is thick enough but it does not make you hot at all. The cutting is also so wide, so if you like to style it in syari way or make so many layers you will definitely like it. Since I could not repurchase in there I kept on looking another seller where I could get the same fabric. Surprisingly the second seller I found sells exactly the same typical fabric. It is Miracholecct. It sells so many kind of veil, you even can find both in square and shawl cutting. There are also so many kind of fabric in a same cut. There are two kind of shawl as the best selling of this store, they are Ammy Shawl and Zara Shawl. I prefer the Ammy Shawl, on their account you will find out the difference between them, the fabric and everything. It said that Ammy Shawl made from Diamon Italiano Original with Miracholecct signature, which is super stretch, thick enough, not transparent and flowy at the same time.  
So, here are below the collection that I love to wear.

Miracholecct - Dusty Lips

Miracholecct - Creamy Latte

Miracholecct - Black

Miracholecct - Dark Red

Miracholecct - Silver

Miracholecct - Forest

Miracholecct - Dusty Milo

Albarkah - Choco

So, those are my collections from Albarkah and Miracholecct. I told you before that I usually wear shawl only for a formal look but it would also come out nice for a more feminine daily look. I recommend you to choose this kind of fabric if you like to wear basic inner as I do, because the fabric as you can see so save (not transparent) but so flowy and easy to style. Since I have a round face I need to shape it like those pictures on my forehead to make my face does not seem really round as it exactly is. Surprisingly I do not need too much effort to make look like that. It is really easy to shape. Believe it or not the coloring step would affect the finishing of the fabric it self, so that is why I found out the forest color feels more thin but still not transparent and the black one is the most rigid but still easy to style. You also could see the light colors are so save to wear, you perhaps need long inner when you wear another fabric to cover your hair more, but not with this one. For the treatment, I recommend you to wash it by hand and iron it with medium temperature. 

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