Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

by - June 13, 2020

Hello everyone!

I know it is been a while, well because as you all can find the news that nowadays we should adjust our live with this new normal thingy. I actually did nothing so far, I was only taking my break after such a hard time I had, so now I am back with a little tips for your dry skin. I actually so happy in the beginning of this year which my skin start to be fine with the product I used. I did not really expect that too much because there was not a big changes with my daily skincare. I only tried to used another brand as my oil cleanser as I shared it here. But later I found out that my skin was on my best condition that time. I actually did some work out (I do not know whether it helps or not). I did fast almost everyday (which means that I drink and sleep less) with an unhealthy food for break fasting as well (I know I would repair it). But then again, our hormone is the key after all, we really need to be happy and at least in a good mood everyday.

So the details  are my skin still that dry and oily around my T zone only. For your note that I live in a tropical country which means that around March and June the weather is so crazy, it was going to be dry season soon (kemarau). The rain is falling only at the evening and the weather so hot so it makes you sweating a lot but then it changed a lot in the beginning of June, recently the weather so sunny in the morning until afternoon and the breeze is so refreshing and windy in the evening so that at night it would totally so cold and dry. Obviously my skin start to crack, specially on my face (it is so scary, I know). It is around my forehead, cheeks (right on my apple cheeks) and around my mouth until my chin. I know I have been struggling with this kinda situation for so often but still I wanna look better when I meet people hehe. 

I use Emina Moisturizing Cream in a hope with a matte finish it would make my crack skin seamless. But still it does not work. So then I start to use Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel every night to calm it down. But then it works, I know there are so many reviews in a past (because it is an old product of NR) mentioned that it could be a moisturizer as well if we want, but with this super sticky and gel-y thingy I do not think it would absorb quickly (you know I always wake up late and do 3 minutes or less make up every morning, it would be impossible to do so with this thing) on our skin. But then again my overthinking is fully wrong. It really is so easy to absorb in minutes and do not leave our look so oily or something, it really does moisturized our skin and at the same time it helps our skin texture looks better.

I have been trying to use it as my skincare routine in the morning before sunscreen for about a week, and my crack skin starts to get better everyday. I really am so happy with the result, for a quicker care I also use it as a sleeping mask (I have been using it for about two years anyway, and it helps my dry skin moist in the morning after overnight using and make the skincare I use and the makeup I apply would stay longer and smooth). I usually keep this product in refrigerator to keep it fresh and give a cold sensation at using. I use it right after I apply my toner, after the product absorb well I use my sunscreen and powder if I needed. So far my skin seems so well and also not oily for all day use. It also help your makeup stay longer.

I really do straight to my review of this Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel as a daily moisturizer because I know it is not a new thing for you all, just for a note if you have a hesitation as mine before, I recommend this as your daily moisturizer now. If you have not try this product yet, you could check the details of this product on this official website here or do consult to the employee when you go to their store.

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  1. my friend had this, but it didn't suit to her skin. so when we were stay in the campus dorm, we use her aloe vera gel as 'dinas' shoe polish. And it works better than the usual shoe polish.
    Our 'dinas' shoes need skincare I think 😂

  2. exactly frinds of mine got breakout they said. That's funny even a pair of shoes deserve NR product :D
    anyway, I found it is better only for daily moisturizer for now :)