The Sad Dahlia

by - June 10, 2020

Such a nice spring
That morning dew and breeze are so refreshing
There are two kids sitting on an old bench in front of a florist
The one in yellow shirt is holding a pot of beautiful dahlia
He is so busy talking how beauty it is
How he wanted it the most until the universe brings them two together that day
He even talk about how would he grow it up
He will fertilize it properly, put it under the sun every morning and even play some musics
The other kid with black short pants says he must talk to it too, however plants are living things
While walking away he answers by nodding and waving hands

Three springs have passed, it is about to summer for the pretty white dahlia
The black short pants kid now is wearing a navy sleeveless top standing in front of a house
where there is a withered white dahlia behind a high glass window
He is wondering how could that lovely boy leave it dying that way
He is hoping a right hand would save it
So unbelievable how people could leave the most desirable thing easily

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