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by - June 26, 2020

Hello everyone
I know it is been a while. Actually this is kinda weird how we live our life. New normal and everything (but trust me it is may be the only way for this earth to heal), my mind only keep saying to be positive, accept the changes and stop being provoked by the media, and of course be more hygiene and stay healthy.
During this moment I really do have so much spare time indeed. Well although actually I always been had. Somehow now I am trying to find something useful to do, I swear I try to cook this and that, it was not bad anyway. I will going to share it one day I guess, what do you think? Lol.

So, enough of that chit chat, I really am so glad to know how an album could be full of easy listening songs. I mean, come on, you must have found an album with only two or more great songs in it. But for me it is different, these mini albums and albums down below are so great, really each consists of best songs that the singer ever wrote. Well, some are released so way long ago but still I recommend you to listen to them. 
I actually could listen so many genres of music as long as I like the melodies or more. I used to prefer western songs but nowadays we really could find such a beautiful song from local and korean music as well. But yeah so far it is only music in bahasa, english and korean. I do not mind whether it is a soloist or band, I only like how the music sounds anyway, lol. For a note I am not somebody who knows music very well, I literally am only a listener/fan/ordinary citizen, ok? So, lets just start it.
Anyway I do not list them depends something, I really love them all so yeah no rank or anything, just click the link and listen to them. 

Handmade - Raisa
I know I know everybody who lives in Indonesia must have listened to this one. But let me explain a bit, so yeah Raisa is one of female pop singer in Indonesia. It is her third album that released on April 2016. It was long ago but still, it would suits at any occasion until now. It is full of sweet songs and the lyrics are so beautiful. I really do recommend you to listen this album (actually all of my recommendation below as well) from the first list. Raisa participated in almost all of the songs in her album. There are also another singer songwriter that participated such as Kamga and Dewi Lestari. But the lyrics of all the songs are very very Raisa's taste (if you know what I mean). She is still the same actually, still that gorgeous in singing a lovely songs. Do not ask me which one is my favorite because as I told you this post about a whole album without exception. I really do admire from the intro Handmade.

Natural - Soran
Soran is an indie band from south korea, and I am in love with their first album Natural. The track are so lovely, I really love the melodies they made. It was released on April 2012. I also read the translated lyrics and obviously it is no doubt, so beautiful and suits the melody. I recommend you to see the translated lyrics as well to enjoy it. I started to know Soran in the middle of last year. I always got in a cafe feeling whenever I listen to this album. If you like to listen such a light songs then I guess you would like this one. This band is really a bunch of geniuses. As I know the guitarist ever joined a project to create a melody of BTS songs. Try to listen one of my all time favorite single from Soran, Don't You Think of Me, as well. If you think korean band would bring such a CNBlue vibe, so this one is a bit different, because they are all do not set such an idol concept or someway so if you really want to listen a great album they will serve you truly. 

Mantra Mantra - Kunto Aji
I really did underestimate this one until this beginning of the year, I listen to it more and realized he is so genius. I honestly do not listen to his another album or single. For you know, he is one of male pop singer in Indonesia. He is well known by writing his first single Terlalu Lama Sendiri, and it was not really my kind of favorite song to listen to, so that is why I do not listen to his other songs. This album released on September 2018. That time my friend also post about this album on her blog, you can check it here. But, then I still cannot relate. Kunto Aji participated in all of the tracks of this album, as he ever answered an interview that he has such a big ego in writing his songs. In that occasion he also said that this album is really something, because actually he did not only want to make an album that time but a very segmented for a mental and psychological which have a deep meaning each, so it could be a therapist song or something, and indeed it such a lullaby with a calming and repetition lyrics (that is why it is called Mantra Mantra).

Love Poem - IU
I think I do not have to tell you who is IU (because of course you know her well). Ok so this album released on November 2019. As a singer songwriter of course she wrote all of the lyrics in this album herself. Although so many part participated in creating the music and the arrangement but this album still according to IU characteristic. This album consist of six songs as it is her EP. Blueming and Love Poem was becoming the lead track of this album, these two also won so many charts even abroad. But the music video only available for Blueming and Above the Time. You will also love her previous album Palette if you like Love Poem. I always feel there is so much effort she have done for her each album, whether for the arrangement or the music video concept. I love to listen IU music since Good Day became a hits in 2010, it is on her Real Album. Since then I love the way she choose the music and write the lyrics. Besides, if you really a fan of IU you will not let through her acting in so many K-drama, you better check out soon.

Chromatica - Lady Gaga
Finally after a long hiatus Lady Gaga is coming back with a fresh and energetic songs. I am not really a big fan of her but seriously this album is so worth to listen. I mean all of the track in it. I cannot even feel a song is not really well composed, all of the track is genius. Gaga also did so many features with a great great musicians, such as Ariana Grande, Blackplink and Elton John. But, obviously Gaga participated in all tracks of this album. I really love how Gaga serve such an upbeat with so many themes each part, yup this album contains three segments which separated by orchestral piece. It was released on May 2020 with total sixteen tracks. Besides Stupid Love was released on February this year. There are two music videos so far was released for Stupid Love in the following of the song released and Rain on Me right before the album was released. This whole album is about Gaga feeling in love, struggling, mental healing and more. It is now becoming at the top chart almost in all over the world. No denying beside the superb electropop concept of this album the strong vocal of Gaga make it the greatest. For your reminder, following the features with Lady Gaga in Sour Candy, Blackpink themself are now busy in preparing their album and the first single is going to released in the end of May this year (it is today at 6 PM KST). 

So they are all the best album I ever listen as a much spare time listener. I asure you once again I do not know about more than what I listen and how I feel about the music, so just enjoy my preference. I of course like to listen to Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lauv, Niki, Tulus and more but however I did not find such a great songs in one album. So yeah do not be so hard and enjoy. 

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