Aesthetic Youtube Channels For a More Positive Mind in Isolation Season

by - April 22, 2020

Well hello there!!
I think it is the ideal time for us to keep sane by entertain and do some meditation every morning, shall we?
So indeed here is another random things I found entertain me enough during this isolating season (although I am not a typical person who like to go out, but trust me it is such a mental breakdown to keep inside and away from others). I still wondering how if I had tools to do water painting, I guess it would be a perfect time to learn more but yeah, perhaps next time.

One of the most platform where we could find so many kind of videos in a high quality, Youtube still (and maybe always will) be the most clicked app than others. Lately I randomly wanna find something great to try to cook egg in many ways. But yeah obviously it ended with a failed sunny egg (give me another chance with another better pan, I'll show you how shine my egg would be). Beside I ended enjoying to watch such a pleasant daily vlog on Youtube. You might knew some or none, but yeah here I recommend you to watch it during this insane moment (to keep your mind and soul feel relax I wish).

Rhea Y
I actually a new subscriber of her youtube channel. So far that I know, she is a Philippines who currently lives in Japan to work. She is such an independent woman who barely to live abroad all alone although she had married. She is also so strong and inspiring on how she makes her dream come true (live and work in Japan) and living it properly (you know what I mean? sometimes others only achieve something what they really want and then only doing well without developing it better much more useful for others). Beside living her dream, she decided to share it through her Youtube Channel, so that she could keep it last longer as memory and inspire other as well. She usually shares about how she lives her minimalist live in Japan. She also shares how to cook her daily meals. I love how she edit her video, it always shows such a simple and pleasant look. Although actually she shares such a long duration but weirdly I enjoy it (I am a typical who like to watch a daily short vlog).

Erna Limdaugh
You might found her on this post. Yes I do really love to watch her channel. Indeed she is included to a favorite channel because she is so smart at showing something pleasant and lovely but in a very short duration. I really love this kind of daily vlog. If you still wondering, she is Indonesian who currently lives her live in Korea. She graduated from one of universities in there and decided to live in there until this moment. She also edited her videos lovely. I love the way she choose the background music and take the angle for an aesthetic look. She ever shared how she prepare her content seriously for her new video. As I wrote before, she is not only going to show you how she live her life in there but also share some beauty videos.

Here is another lovely girl who made my day, she made such an aesthetic daily vlog as well. I do not really know her more sadly, but from the biography on her Youtube channel she wrote that she like to share her daily live. You will find how pleasant she live her life. Just like Rhea she also shares how to prepare her daily meals. She sometimes brings you to show her job. She is so creative I think, and plus, she share such a pleasant daily vlog with an enough duration as I always like.
I do not know whether she is Korean or not but yes she is currently live in there. I really like to watch her channel because somehow she inspires me to cook in a simple way with so easy founded ingredients to cook.

Another inspiring and so independent woman I know. She is from Denmark and decided to move to Korea to work after graduated from high school. And yes, sure, she is doing great so far, she also shares how she live her life in Korea, she will bring you to know her daily routines, skincare routines, and makeup tutorials as well. She is even younger than me but she really is so independent to have such a great choice to living alone in Korea. Even though she said she has a lot of friend in there but still, she is struggling by herself in another country where it is not so close from her hometown. She also shares such a tips to live a healthy life and ended up she is now a vegan. I do not watch her old videos with some reasons, but I really enjoy her lately videos, it is so pleasant to watch and the duration is enough.

Stephani Rose
She is Indonesian and live in her hometown as a content creator I guess. I knew her account on instagram for the first time then I visit her Youtube channel, and surprisingly she make such an aesthetic content which I love to watch. I like to watch her room tour video and how she doing her make up. She also shares how she taking care of her skin, hair and body as well. Many of her content is a make up tutorials. What I really like about her is she always sounding to keep our life kind to nature as well. She always shares what kind of things she have to encourage us to pay more attention of nature, she sometimes show how she choose wooden toothbrush rather than the plastic one, she also brings reusable bag to shop and her own bottle or cup to buy coffee. I really like the way she show such a great quality of video but the thing is it is too long and so many chit chat of her during all her videos (well because I prefer a short one with a quite and pleasant sound), but I love how she dress up and make up the most.

So, they are all some youtube channels I really like to watch lately. Perhaps you ever watched some of them, but if you have not, you only need to click on the description of each picture to bring you right away to their channel. Enjoy watching.

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