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by - March 19, 2020

Oh Hello..
I know lately the environment is not as productive as before, maybe you are now being so panic as the issued of covid-19 virus is spreading nowadays. As a human being we have to keep our body fit and eat healthy things and make sure to have a rest enough. Have you know why we have to spend at home as long as you could and social distancing as well? Because yes it would help yourself and others to contact less with the viruses. Being at home does not mean you only could lying all day or what but still, wake up early, work out more and keep clean your area, make sure you consume healthy food and wash your hands once you touch something and before touching your face (Oh better avoid it for now). The last thing you have to do is keep update the news, keep people around you do the same and be happy (Do not be panic and think negative all the way), because yes, being happy and positive would help your immune grows better.

So yeah you could do something you might just left because no time to do that before. You maybe need rearrange your room or tidy this and that, just do it while you could. For more valuable thing you could do at home of course start to read your book, you might still have a new one you never touch or maybe you want to try to do a new hobbies like sewing or painting, you could learn it online or many more things you wanted to do.
I really am actually so sad for many people who high light the news about blaming this and that, sharing something that is not informative enough and spread the panic only instead and point out the identity of the infected one. I realize we need to know the growth of the viruses spreading each area but all those above actually are unnecessary. But, the worst habit indeed in our society to dig whom to blame deeper and deeper, yes we need to show of about something that is not in a right way, but make sure you all understand the purpose before speak up. 

For example, the airplane ticket (which is the most affected due to this issued) price that is getting lower (but still cannot be full booked and even the flights for some routes are close). You have to take in a positive way. I mean, I found out that somebody shared such a hate opinion like "The government must be insane  for still offering people to travel around with a very deal price by plane in the middle of this disease," True! besides, recently the government itself sounds all the citizens for staying at home and even study and work too. In other side you have to know it is the way to save million people also from jobless and many company from bankrupt. Yes there are so many kind business that is suffering their economy condition due to this condition as well. Now you know, why there is no lockdown yet even the case increase. Our nation economy is not ready for that. 
So please as we do not really know actually the condition out there, we even do not really know about the plan for a better economy condition for this country, we do not really know also about the best effort our country has done, stop spreading something that is in fact does not give any useful information (and stop complaining please, it doesn't give any help)
Keep in line as the government warn you, stay at home (as you know it could help to make the spreading less and help the medical team work optimally) in a productive way still, keep update the "good and informative" news and stay positive. 
Be aware, smart and healthy everyone :)

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