YouTube Channels Preference Might Chill Your Masking Time

by - May 17, 2019

Hellooo. . .
Another weekend another break fasting together? hehe. Well just go, are those whatsapp groups already in silent a year? haha I know they're so quite annoying noisy. But back then for moslem, keep your mind up that it is not about where and with whom you break your fast. Focus on your soul to do more pray. For non moslem out there don't ya'll think that it is quite unique to be a month full of many people sell so various meals, drinks and snacks along the road?
Well I am not going to give a receipt to cook a great dishes for your breaking fast. You may be helped by visiting Indita's Instagram account. She shares some ways to cook chicken and meat deliciously and simple.

Me? I am wondering which channel of youtube you usually watch. Do you like to watch beauty addict things, cooking channel, a channel full of vlog, or something useful?
Some people somehow choose to watch something light, such as an accident recorded by cctv and it gets them laugh courtly. Let me know which is your favorite.

Here I wanna let you try to peek my favorite youtube channel. I usually wanna lay down on my bed and wasting my last day at night by scrolling randomly for what I really want to know. You know, after a long hectic day and so many people we met. We just need a sleeping mask on and earphones plugged while watching something chill.

I also check if there is a new music video and trailer of a new movie, but here are below what I usually watch in repeat:

Erna Limdaugh
I read a source, it tells she is a korean youtuber that starts her youtube channel in August 2011, but actually she is Indonesian that live in Korea currently. She actually like to share makeup tutorials and such a thing as a beauty vlogger, but for me, I like her to share her daily routine. As she gets more than 300K subscribers she starts to manage her channel more attractive and not going to bored the viewers. She also shares some photos and videos on Instagram erna_limdaugh.

Fathia Izzati
Here you go, maybe some of you know her. She is Indonesian. On her channel you will find so many kind of things she shared. She sometimes did a cover of song. One of my favorite is La Vie En Rose. She also has a band called Reallity Club, but I don't really into their songs, hehe. Sometimes she just takes time to talk in front of camera, talking random but still good for listening practice haha. She does parody too and makeup tutorial in a weird way as well. Some unique update of her you'll find it here kittendust.

Eclat Story
Yeah I have a bit sense of music. So, Eclat Story is one of Indonesian youtube band that I found do so much efforts to do a cover so far. They are Klara, Yos, Joshua and Willi. I read a source that they actually not really know how they will manage this band just in case at a very first time they only wanna do a cover for wasting time. Anyway I really like the way they produce such a clear sound and great editing visual too. I recommend you to check their cover of Versace on the Floor - Bruno Mars.

Gita Savitri
I can say she is such the most productive youtuber maybe. Because she has so many contents. She shares how to cook a cake, makeup tutorial, review so many things, her skincare routine, her daily life, her vlog while going somewhere new, and also so many opinions of the hottest thing that happening lately. Sometimes it gets way too serious but someday she just sharing products she got from a korean web. As I know, she is Indonesian but currently lives in German. She studied physic and now she lives her life as a wife and content creator, sometimes appear on TV local too.

Those are some youtube channels I usually like to watch during masking to bed time. I really wanna watch a channel which shares how to cook simply but healthy. But still on my way finding it out. I am absolutely gonna update you once I know which channel is it. Well, maybe you know one and want me to try to watch it, just tell me on the comment below. Hopefully you will like some of my preference youtube channel still.
So, enjoy your day!!

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