Self Talk

by - March 12, 2020

Somehow we need others to only listen or for me to give a reaction of my single jokes
Somehow we only need more time to discuss something we like
Somehow we cannot let the time goes faster than usual even though the coffee is getting cold
Somehow we could keep awake even an early meeting gonna held tomorrow
Somehow we just let it be the way we want

Maybe we put so much expectation on what is going to happen today
Maybe we forget about others world that could confiscate the meeting 
Maybe we think about ourselves above anything else
Maybe we only aint deserve it

Sometimes an unexpected person come by
Sometimes an unpredictable one calls back all the old memories
Sometimes even an annoying one could mesmerize us with a single laugh
Sometimes as crazy as that

What a day could be grey and blue in a package
What a surprise a tears of happiness could be as our worst moment later
Like the rain is falling after a high temperature before

Welcoming my quarter of life 
Going to let go every expectations of everything around
Giving more and more forgive for others
Keeping away from all the inconvenient 
Setting the time to be alone and happy as person 
Being there for the need one

Meet the people you need to meet
Meet the people you love to share your moment 
Meet a right one to spend your remaining time

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