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by - February 27, 2020
I know it is been a while, but I think it is the time for me to back to this blog, saying something I would, sharing things I like and others.
Well, actually there is still no new product to review and also no good places I go but indeed some books are on process to read down. But just in case there is something I would like to show you what actually happened until there is no time and space to read them down. Well well beside my nothing doing moment actually there are two things I am suffering from. I really do not understand how could I got this allergic thing, I start to get itchy wherever I am in a dusty places and cold. Luckily for now it is getting better. I used to drink the medicine almost everyday to get it off, but yeah turns out, it also gets me fatter than I thought. Thank to God to make it calmer recently, I have to drink the drug once I go out at night (and you know it might happen once in a month and I have to avoid it for sure for now). The second thing I have to concern about is the dry weather, even it is getting to rain everyday, but my skin is still getting dry. Do not try to think that I do not use some moisty things, because I do. But so pity me, my lips even getting cracked although I use lip balm and stop using lip product with mate finish. But the last update, the condition also getting better, I use the aloe gel right from the plant every night (because honey could not help anymore) and I got a superb result finally.
So as you know now that I was pretty busy at something that is why there is no update yet on my blog. As I am getting better now, I would really going to share many more things here as before.

Ok so, as you read above that there is still no unique and attractive thing I would like to show you, I will share about what I have been thinking recently instead. I do not remember when exactly this thing start, but then in my daily circle I often find some people are so annoying, I usually go out by public transport and yes of course there are so many people in there. Seriously, believe it or not, the comfort feel that we want to get is actually we create it by ourselves. Indeed when there is a will from everyone who is in, there is would be such a comfort place to use as a public transport.  I do not know how to react to somebody who is not aware about how to use it, they talk too much in a high volume (even there is a sign to keep silent), they play file with audio format from their gadget loudly as well and even put their bag around our seat or much more recently their foot!!
You might know about the viral video recently showing somebody who start to slap a girl and want her seat, there are so many comments come from so many people online, but many of them judge the older woman who's the one slapping the girl (I know it is a rude) without knowing the previous problem that is not recorded. I really do admire their energy actually, how could so many people nowadays spend their superb energy to not only surfing on social media (to catch up something new, to get inspired, to say Hi to others,to work and of course to get another positive energy) but giving such a rude comments (even they do not know what is exactly happening and who the hell they are). But agree or not recently you will easier find something aint useful more than useful one. Sadly so many people choose the first one to adore.
I really do not understand them at all.
I know each of us pay with the same rate, so do we want the same services. Because what? because it is a public places where everybody with a ticket could get in. Going the same actually with somebody who is login with their sign to their own account to surf in social media nowadays. We all know that somebody could do anything they want, so that we could find many people say something selfishly "Just do unfollow me if you dislike what I share" or "Just ignore me if you do not like my comment, and stop saying something like you are the right one". Do not you think it would lead us to the old ways of life? No rules to keep us in a right way and so no body cares even there is someone dying nearby. But I see people nowadays like that old habit so much rather than being normal without getting attractive with their useless reaction.
Well well, yes they are people nowadays, shout out freedom for life on cyberspace as they are the one who have the rules. But once they feel it is not comfort them anymore they will crazily roar about being a good person, saying somebody else who is angry to them to be calm down but actually they do the same point to others who insulting. Indeed because each of them feels the best at many ways. Now only feeling sad on how people sharing something useless and being adored, saying something so harsh and being so proud of, doing bully (for any type) as a joke and many more without wanting to take any responsibilities in a real life of what they might done wrong.

Why do not you all just being good? Aware of what would happen in the reality despite of what you typed last night, so make sure you share something useful or at least do not insult somebody.
I think it is the best way to be in a public places, make sure you realize that not only you in there, you have to put your body as them before make any action, you have to read down the rule to be in a public area, do not try to hide behind your username to act someway not good to others, be brave if you believe just being yourself is great. Be positive then people with more positivity would come more. So, later you do not need a high end skin care to recover your problematic skin (because of anxiety, spiteful, bad, worry, envy and many worst feeling).
So do not forget to eat a lot and be happy. Have a great great day!!

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