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by - October 20, 2019

Oh Hello!
Finally coming back with another new thing I found hehe. Lately around my neighborhood are so hot. It is crazy to feel up to 36°C at noon!! That's why it takes a bit longer to write something fresh recently. Well well, I don't want to inform you about what to wear and what to consume today, but trust me about what songs you could listen to set your mood better totally till the sun down. I understand how people would be angry easily in this kinda hot days. So, make sure you got your tummy full with something healthy in the morning, grab a banana would help your diet and good for your digesting, then list these songs below to face your day.

As I wrote before, I would like to share what I really love to listen during my leisure and crowded hours. Lately I am searching some good rhythms to bring my mood good along the day in Soundcloud. Some of you may be use it no more to listen music but you have to try this on again. If you are curios about what kind of platform it is, you can find the details here. I still listen some of good songs like Sailor by Gamaliel Audrey Cantika, but yeah still these recommendation is a must for your busy week.

Yeah, so calm yet so fresh, you may recall your childhood memories and so many else memories. "You know that feeling when it's around 5 or  AM and it's like dawn and you can hear the birds chirping and it's really cool outside and it's so quite so you can hear like every single leaf rustling and the breeze feels so nice and the sound of nature just calms you and you feel at peace. Yea, I love that feeling," dvdkm wrote that to describe this beautiful melody. It would give you such a relax feeling in the morning while drinking a cup of hot tea and writing your to do list. 
Dvdkm - Lisetta On 6th Ave

Still loving dvdkm composition. This one would give you another pleasant feeling. The guitar strings sound so adorable. Ah yeah as a builder mood up you should list this one too on your list.
Vietra - in Love

Coming up with a very warm and soft vocal, vietra also brings you to another pleasant feeling. The melody also so calm and you would think about your first love in a rainy day or somewhat lovable memories you have. The lyrics also so adorable and have a deep meaning. I wish every coffee shop has this one on their playlist.
Trashto - I Miss Japan

This one would be a little different. The melody will give you a feeling like a long day with a superb hectic things to do, but yeah make it flow and just get through it. I also listen this one in the office to make me more awake and do my list without feeling bored at all even though so many reports to prepare.
Trashto - I Went to Bed at 2 AM but The Sun is Still Nice

Indeed another trashto song I love to listen during my crowded hour. This one sweeter than before. You'll catch the melody made by the piano clearly. It is just lovable for my ears. If you like something sweet, you must be set this one into your playlist. 
Burbank - Lemonade

This one so cheerful. Burbank just compose it perfectly. I love the melody and how the piano sounds. I also replay it all day on my busy weeks. There is also a little rap tucked at almost last minutes.
Burbank - Stay

The last one, but I love the most. I love the music and and everything, well actually I don't really know about music at all. But let me say as a music expert that this melody is adorable. You have to check another Burbank records in Soundcloud. Well note it, I am only a listener, so yeah, I hope you would enjoy them all as well. 

Better install this platform to your phone, so you could enjoy these all all day, no ads of course and you can find so many kind of melodies there. You could access it freely for every music you want to listen. Hoping you guys enjoy my playlist and again don't forget to grab your breaky before doing your long long long day. Put your favorite musics on and stay healthy ya'll.

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