Meeting Point #4

by - August 23, 2019


Trying to keep wide awake to help time goes slower
However keep on searching what should we tell each other to make that night longer
Laughing at nothing and asking for the same sentences in repeat more than ever
But time leave us the quickest

Nothing to feel not because of some part went wrong

Missing our random conversation already don't we
Yelled at you seemed to be my bad habit I should erase
Everything was fine but we need long last hour don't we
Seconds run into minutes faster, how the hell they make time less 

Nothing to feel not because of some part went wrong

So numb this time
Once again not because it was boring thing we did or something
I can even recall the tears you let down while grumbling and laughing

I guess I was locked to trust and forgive every fault
Even my head stop questioning worrying thing about us
I am kinda wondering only one thing
Is it how do you always feel every single time?

Not being cool and ignorant
Not letting go every little sweet thing passed by
In silent I though you don't even care about my life 
(but sometimes you did not, every little lie I know them all
But it was weird because as a villain I never been telling one)
But may be I should believe even on your most annoying part
you desperately do something to keep me stand beside 

The dash mark shouldn't written this fast
This meeting point kinda create as quick as typewriter does
Only hoping it would be the last dash mark in between

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