Babbling by Getting Older

by - August 26, 2019

So here we are getting mature. 
Mature in attitude, mind and soul. 
I just realized maybe I am too fool to think I cannot be that wise.
Not mature by ages but we have to consider by got it.
I just saw so many of my friend giving birth another one just getting married.
I do believe even weeds don't grow at the same time at each garden.
The roses bloom at night and the daisy flowers beside are withered.
I just wondering is it the time for me to act like I should take a big responsibilities?
Somehow I had imagined how would my life later.
I was telling some body that now I think I am mature enough.
Through a long text he though I still wanna live my life like a kid.
Why did I tell him that thing, I shouldn't.
Many people also agree more than one hundred percent that I am so childish.
I am always a little sister for them.
So here I will be the way how mature should be.
I will act more responsible for every cases.
I will change my mind, my attitude, and more.
I will pleasant and make you believe I am 18 years old kid no more.
I will
I will

Uhm, should I?
Why I cannot just being me, a kid that you knew, a twenties little sister who like a hug from a big doll but would take a big responsibilities ahead and taking care of a problem well?

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