Alto's Adventure

by - April 02, 2019
Well, it's gonna be weird review maybe haha, but trust me, I really want you to know this. it started this week I guess and as always this brilliant idea came out while I was nothing doing. it was raining too outside, hungry as well. Actually only randomly scrolling around playstore to find something exciting to play, in fact I really wanna play something like "Harvest Moon Back to Nature". I don't know, but somehow I think it trains us to make a better management time in a fun way hehe. .
Ok so, that night I found a really good review on the comment section of "Alto's Adventure". I installed it just in case although there wasn't mobile data on but fortunately there was still a very slow wifi connected. As it was installed, I played my first round for my tutorial, it is skying game, but the good things are the visual and the back sound of it.
Well, it is quite fun the story is about to catch Alto's llamas that run away. On his way to do it, there are some obstacles in front. Just the way naturally skying on the mountain covered by ice, there are big stones to avoid and so many ravines to cross over. There are chasers come out after you. The most beautiful thing is the timing. The visual perfectly set the background from the sun rise until the sun set. There may be rain and windy to, the storm and lighting make us pay more attention sometimes. Every level will ask you to complete some missions and reward you poin and new player as well.
You gotta try just to relax your soul in a fun way like me. Lemme know if it is really a trash to review this thing, wish you pardon me. But if you're addicted make sure you install "Alto Odyssey" as well.
So, enjoy skying!!

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