Note to Self

by - February 17, 2019

Well finally so happy for you…
You’re a kind hearted stranger that gets me learn a lot. Even at my waiting time in life he’s the one that suggest me to cry a lot and do more later, didn’t let me be that patient at waiting. Because he did quite more at struggling.

He is such a strongest one I knew in case of waiting, so do his fiancee. In more than 4 years waiting for a job and more to belong with her, how long it has been..

His short story of life got me think it’s going to be fine to wait a bit more, with term of condition still struggling to get better of course.

I didn’t really think about earning money would be this big thing to think about.

So, I am just gonna let you know that this guy I talk about gonna marry with the one he love the most and of course he got a great great job and friends belong.

Can’t wait to congratulate you.

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